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The Casual Vacancy Book Club Starts RIGHT HERE on Thursday!

The Casual Vacancy Book Club Starts RIGHT HERE on Thursday!

Less than a week, y'all!

While you've been enchanting your eyeballs and index fingers in preparation for the release of J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy, we've been busy sewing tweed patches on our cloaks and bloomers. Know why? 'Cause starting next Thursday SparkLife will be the proud new host of The Best Dang Casual Vacancy Book Club On The Whole Freakin Interweb!

[gasps, applause]

What makes a book club the Best Dang One on the Whole Freakin Interweb, you justifiably ask aloud while twirling your ornamental conquistador mustaches. An abstract question, but simply answered:

You do.

You guys makes the Best Dang book club on the Interweb. We saw you do it while Dan was Blogging Twilight, and we know you'll do it again. We're relying on you guys to make this thing great. Pre-order the book now or buy it on Thursday, then attack us with your brain-swords. Ask questions, give suggestions, pose your brilliant predictions about what's going down in the parish of Muggleville—er, Pagford—and link us to all your Casual Vacancy-inspired marshmallow dioramas. We'll provide some general discussion topics and blog our favoritest quotes from each chapter. If you're lucky, I might even share some CasVac arts and crafts projects of my own.

We'll kick off the club with a chat about chapters one and two on Thursday afternoon. Don't worry about pacing—once we have the book in hand we'll work our hardest to strike a happy balance between you word-hungry Rowling hounds and the rest of you more interested in a Casual Literacy. We've all got required reading to do battle with, yo.

So get stoked, Sparklers! Buy the book. Invite your friends. Wear your bloomers.

See you Thursday.

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