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In Defense of Sororities (and Toga Parties)

In Defense of Sororities (and Toga Parties)

All sorority girls are the same.

Why should I have to pay for friends?

Girls in sororities refuse to hang out with non-sorority girls.

Either you’ve heard things like this, or you’ve actually witnessed something that convinced you that sororities are full of hazing, stupid, mean girls who always wear pink on Wednesday.

Are there “bad” sororities? Yeah. Are there horrible human beings in sororities? You betcha. Does that mean that all sororities are bad and all people in them are the same? No way. And I should know, because I’m in one.

That’s right, I’m a sorority girl! If you read about my journey as a Freshman last year, you know that I rushed the Engineering Sorority at my school last spring…and didn’t get in. But if I’ve learned anything from years and years of rejection, it’s that I make a really good second impression. No doesn’t always mean no; sometimes it means “not right now.” So I rushed again this year, and I made it! But before I get into that….

What is Rush?

Rush is when you actually meet and get to know the girls in the sorority you want to be in. It’s also a chance for the girls to get to know you. So be yourself! Ask questions, make connections, and don’t be afraid. If you’re not sure whether you want to be in a sorority or not, it doesn’t hurt to rush because there are no commitments and you might actually meet some pretty cool people.

The Rush for my sorority (Squee, that’s fun to sayMY sorority) consisted of three one-hour nights where we did different activities (arts & crafts, trivia, “sports”), all while getting to know the girls in the sorority. It was really laid back; we mostly just hung out and talked with other girl engineers.

Anyway, I went all three nights, made it to the preference party again (where the sorority narrows down its choices), and finally I got the email to meet up with them, where I got a flower and a “bid.” Technically, now I’m an associate member (some sororities call it a "pledge"), so I still have to learn about the sorority’s history and such, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do fun things!

You would be shocked by how few weird looks you get when walking down the main street of campus in a toga. I was invited to a mixer between the engineering sorority and engineering fraternity this weekend, and it wouldn’t be college if it wasn’t a toga party. Seriously, I was expecting everyone to turn their heads or point or something, but the most I got was a smile and a head nod. Apparently the correct response to seeing someone in a toga is to start saying “Toga! Toga!” because I got that a few times, too.

One of the coolest things about being in a sorority, at least so far, was that when I got to the party, people were excited to see me. I kept hearing, “Faye, I’m so happy you’re here” or “I’m so glad you could come, Faye,” and it really made me feel wanted. Which is nice. And if you’re wondering how to make a toga, you’ll need:

  • A bed sheet or extra-large t-shirt
  • A piece of rope, a scarf, or a belt
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Safety pins
  • A Youtube tutorial on how to make a toga

And just a forewarningyour toga will get gross/ruined or will fall off, so don’t use anything you might need to sleep in again (like your only bed sheet) and wear clothes underneath.

So Sparklers, now’s your chance to ask me your sorority questions! Whether it’s a term like “What’s a big/little?” or something else like “I don’t know if a sorority is right for me,” I wanna know! Leave it in the comments!

Until next week,

Faye :)

Got any sorority questions for Faye?

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