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Create Your Own Hobbit Trailer!

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Create Your Own Hobbit Trailer!

Warner Brothers

You are a living, breathing geek... so you watched the new Hobbit trailer on Wednesday. 548 times. Well, did you know that you can make the trailer even BETTER?! You can customize it!

To answer the question you are shouting at the screen right now, "Oh yes they did!" Just visit the official Hobbit website and you can trick out the trailer with one of five awesome endings of your choosing. Our personal favorite was the extra Gollum ending. In our estimation, you can never have enough Gollum.

Seriously, though. More endings means more Hobbit. And more Hobbit means more happy. And more happy makes our heads explode with "Yay!" This will probably end worldwide poverty and war!!!

Okay, maybe not. But it's pretty freaking awesome!

What's your favorite ending?

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