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The 10 Most Crush-Worthy TV Characters

By Josh Sorokach Sep 20, 2012

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Real life crushes are agonizing.

Do they like me? What are they doing? Why are they talking to the school mascot? Are they super into mascots? Should I be a mascot? How does one obtain a penguin suit in the middle of September? Will a penguin suit make me look clumpy? Agonizing. Take a break from the reality of love and come dip a toe in the fictional world of awesome television crushes. When your best friend Courtney (or "Ney-Ney," as she now prefers to be called. Seriously, get it together, Courtney!) passes your favorite television crush a "Do you like me? Circle Yes/No/Maybe" note, your television crush never circles no. Because, well, they're fictional.

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