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Do Olympic Athletes Deserve Guest-Starring Roles on TV Shows?

Do Olympic Athletes Deserve Guest-Starring Roles on TV Shows?

When 16-year-old Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas mentioned that she loved the CW series The Vampire Diaries, she probably never expected that the producers would respond by offering her a guest starring role on the show.

After all, the petite, pretty gymnast has a lot in common with the cast. She's got the look, got the fame... but can she act? And if she can't, does it really matter?

We're pom-pomming for Team Gabby on this one—she seems sweet, and is also using her fame for the greater good, as evidenced by this photo of her at a recent Stand Up to Cancer Benefit—but we worry that Athlete + Teen Drama may equal Super Awkward Acting.

We really hope that Gabby (and McKayla) can act because we'd love to see more of these sporty girls in the limelight. Ryan Lochte, not so much. The 28-year-old "heartthrob" swimmer is set to appear on 90210, which is exactly how many times we barfed when we found out. Sorry, we're just not down with the grill and the super-ego.

But Gabs, we're rooting for ya.

What do you think? Should famous athletes get guest starring TV spots or no?

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