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The New Hobbit Trailer is So Good We're Crying

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The New Hobbit Trailer is So Good We're Crying

Warner Brothers

Seriously, though. We are weeping copiously from joy. And you will be too. Pull up a stool, grab a roll 'a Charmin, and watch this with your eyes!

Our thoughts:

- Life would be so much more kick-butt if Ian McKellen narrated it.
- THE MAP! IT'S THE MAP FROM THE BOOK! Okay... sorry. We're fine. Continue.
- Head-butting dwarves. Always a good sign.
- Is it just us, or do each of the dwarves look like miniature versions of 19th century presidents?
- Holy crap. Who's the big guy!?
- Glow in the dark swords always come in handy when fighting inside of a mountain.
- A rabbit-drawn sleigh!? Now why didn't we think of that!?
- 1:20—GOLLUM
- "If Baggins loses then we eats it whole." Indeed.
- We're loving the trolls!
- If we had a dime for every time a gigantic, grotesque, dead trollish-ogrelike thing landed on us, we'd have $1.40.

And there you have it! Only a mere handful of months and we'll have the real thing in all its "Part One of Three" glory! Huzzah!

Did this make you even MORE excited for The Hobbit?

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