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You Thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt Couldn't Get Any Cuter? You Were So Very, Very Wrong.

You Thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt Couldn't Get Any Cuter? You Were So Very, Very Wrong.


The greatness of the above picture is threefold:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it, which automatically makes it better than 99% of photographs ever taken.

2. It gave me a chance to use the word "threefold," which very rarely happens (unless I'm playing Abraham Lincoln at a Civil War re-enactment drama camp, and that only rolls around twice a month).

3. If you squint your eyes, Jason Sudeikis looks like he's all in a tizzy over JGL's animal magnetism. He's totally fanning himself and either asking "Oh brother, did it just get really hot in here?" or screeching "BRING ME MY SMELLING SALTS, GORDON-LEVITT IS GIVING ME THE VAPORS!"

We're all about to get the vapors, butts, because our perpetual man-crush JGL is hosting Saturday Night Live this week with musical guests Mumford and Sons—I mean, it's like someone over at NBC is READING MY DREAM JOURNAL.

Normally I'd be in bed by 8:45 PM sharp on a Saturday (the long hours of watching Netflix and wondering how my life came to such calamitous ruin tend to leave me exhausted), but for JGL, I will stay up all night. You should too, and then we can talk about the show on Monday! OH, WHAT FUN.

Video courtesy NBC via BuzzSugar

Let's list everything we love about this video. I'll start: JGL's adorable cloud shirt, the jumping high-five at the end, the phrase "classic Gordon-Levitt"—IF SOMEONE DOESN'T STOP ME, I WILL LITERALLY GO ON FOR DAYS.

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