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Nelly Furtado Is Definitely a Wizard. Enter for a Chance to Win Some of Her Stuff.

Nelly Furtado Is Definitely a Wizard. Enter for a Chance to Win Some of Her Stuff.

"Parking Lot" is the latest single from the beautiful and talented Nelly Furtado's new album, The Spirit Indestructible (which is available as of yesterday!), and the final proof we need that the lady's actually a super wizard from the future.

Hear us out.

The song itself is the most pulse-y, strobe-y, club-ready single we've heard from Nelly so far, but it's not without it's pop charms, either. And we don't take the word "charms" lightly. There's some serious voodoo going on here. Listen to it, and just TRY to get the "na na/ ley ley" chorus out of your head. Can't be done. It's the earworm indestructible. And sadly, this is just the most recent of many moments in Nelly's coming out as an all-powerful magician. Before we tell you how you can cop some of her swag, let's review the evidence from Nelly's last three music videos:

Parking Lot

  • Nelly psychically synchronizes the headlights of several hundred parked cars to spell out her name and fiendish brain-washing incantations ("na na, ley ley")
  • Superhuman luck (it usually takes us 40 minutes of trolling just to find ONE open parking spot)
  • Those stuffed animals in the backseat of her car? Insubordinate minions, and now tragic victims of the Plushy Curse.

The album The Spirit Indestructible

  • Possesses power of teleportation
  • Vanishes into vapor, perhaps capable of other powerful geomancy
  • Commands armies of dancing mountain drummers with a single wiggle of her hips
  • Boasts for four minutes about her "spirit indestructible" (start hunting those horcruxes, y'all!)

It's obvious now, right? Nelly Furtado is a wizard. This news is unsettling, but don't you worry your little heads: ours is a benevolent Wizard Overlord, and she wants to share her powers of glamor and self-esteem with you. What do we mean by that? She's giving away PRIZES!

Click here and enter for a chance to win a copy of Nelly's spankin-new album, plus a black Spirit Indestructible tank top in small or large ("supermodel Godzilla" sizes sold out). The Nelly Furtado Sweepstakes kicks off on 9/18/2012 at 5 PM EST and ends on 9/25/2012 at 12 PM EST, so enter now!

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