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How to Meet Guys When You Go to An All-Girls School

How to Meet Guys When You Go to An All-Girls School

The best thing about going to an all-girls school is that there are no boys around, leaving you free to never shave your legs, blurt out weird observations in class, and shower only after some sort of athletic activity. The worst part about going to an all-girls school is that there are no boys around, leaving you lonely for male companionship and eating ice cream on a Saturday night while all the public school girls are sneaking out to meet their men and do fun things in cars. How are you gonna get yours too? We’ve got some tips from chicks who’ve been there, done that, and graduated. The key is expanding your social circle to the max so that you meet as many new people as possible. Locate the nearest all-boys school. The only people more desperate for a date than you are the guys forced to go to school with only other dudes. With their raging hormones and hallways full of testosterone, they need a girl and they need her fast. If you have any guy friends from grade school, reconnect with them and suggest you and your friends all go to the next football game together. If you don’t know anyone at the all-guys school, don’t worry! Put on your cutest clothes (no, not your uniform), and round up a group of outgoing girls. Put the boy’s football games on your schedule, and see if they have any dances coming up. In general, social dances at same-sex schools are open the public. These are school-sanctioned ways to meet meat, and while they sound lame, they're a spot where guys are guaranteed to be. If dances terrify you, see if the guys school has any concerts or some battle of the bands-like thing coming up. Show up to whatever sounds interesting to you.

Bark up your friend’s family tree. Start with your inner circle of friends and examine their faces. Ask yourself, “Would my friends be hot if their heads were on men’s bodies?” If the answer is yes, you need to politely get yourself invited over so you can win their brother’s affections. Don’t be too flirty; just be like a cool girl. If her brother likes music, share your picks with him. And sleep over whenever you get the chance. "Forget" to bring your own clothes and see if you can steal one of his t-shirts, so he can spy you on the couch in the morning wearing his clothes. He’ll get the idea, and he’ll think he came up with it himself. Don’t forget about cousins, too—your friends should have enough of those for emergency back-up dates to homecomings, proms, and other events where not having a date is dreadful.

Get a mall job. Wanna earn some extra cash while scoping out potential suitors? Then find a job where you can work a few shifts after school and on the weekends. Pick a place that seems to be staffed with a few decent dudes whose mouths you think you could potentially stick your tongue in (should they have good personalities, of course). It’s also important to pick a place guys frequent. If you work at the The Limited, the only guys you’ll meet will be miserable boyfriends shopping with their girls. Think along the lines of Best Buy, places that sell sandwiches, or a bookstore if you’re going for the literary type. Working somewhere gives you a safe space to interact with people of the opposite sex, and teaches you to be able to have un-awkward conversations with guys. You’ll make friends with other staffers and expand your social circle, which may bring you in more contact with more single guys. Plus, people tend to go to the same stores or places, so you might have a frequent customer you get to know.

Don’t stay home. You’re not going to get a guy reading a book in bed, but you might be able to find one if you park yourself at a coffee shop and do some light reading. Getting out is what it’s all about. Take little day trips by yourself to the library, coffee shops, the park, and stores, and be ready and willing to talk to others. Smile. Be friendly and open. We don’t want you to talk to weirdoes, but give off good vibes that say, ”Yeah, I want to talk to you, cute guy who's my age.” With your friends, make plans and things all the time, even for activities that don’t necessarily promise guys. Go out to eat, catch movies or concerts. There is always the chance that your waiter will be cute enough to merit writing your phone number on the bill, or that a few guys will be catching the same show a few rows ahead of you. Going out isn’t just about getting a guy, it’s about fun too (and preventing yourself from wallowing around, thinking about how single you are).

Love your girls. If you haven’t landed a date using our advice, don’t freak out. While it’s fun to date in high school, it’s also fun to enjoy these precious years with your girls. Because after high school, you go off to college and get serious about school..and other things. You and your friends will have plenty of time to deal with guys then (and will experience everything from lust and lust to heartbreak and disappointment). In your twenties, some of you will begin moving in with, seriously dating, or even marrying your boyfriends. While it may seem like an eternity before you’ll get that boyfriend you really want, it will be here before you know it, so soak up your final years of freedom.

Got any other ideas about how to meet guys when you're trapped at a school full of girls and nuns? Let us know!

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