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Fan-Made Star Wars Anime = the Best 2 Minutes of Your Life!

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Fan-Made Star Wars Anime = the Best 2 Minutes of Your Life!

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We don’t blame you, you’re most likely still feeling ambivalent about the upcoming animated comedy series Star Wars: Detours revealed this past summer, not sure whether to give it a fair chance or just outright drive a lightsaber through your television. Either way, you can’t help but think that Lucasfilm missed a great opportunity to put together something truly epic for television. Luckily, we have the creative minds of the Star Wars fandom to fill this gaping void of disappointment with their own projects... such as this 2-minute Star Wars anime that’s a feast for the eyes and has to be to be seen to believed!

Let us reiterate: this video is 100% fan-made with no outside help—let alone permission—from George Lucas and company; one incredibly talented fan named Paul “Otaking” Johnson, to be precise, created this unlicensed masterpiece.

The greatest thing about this video is the seamless integration of animation elements from anime space operas such as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Robotech with the grand-scale dogfights of Star Wars. We are not by any means belittling the battle scenes of the Star Wars saga, but this anime infusion makes it feel as though there are higher stakes and it best captures the breakneck speed of real world aerial combat. And cyberpunk TIE fighter pilots? Nice touch.

But we ask you, if the X-Men, Iron Man, and Wolverine each have anime series of their own, don’t you think we’re overdue for an official Star Wars anime instead of a show revolving around tired jokes from the franchise?

Would you watch a Star Wars anime series?

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