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Fall Fashion for Plus-Sizers

Fall Fashion for Plus-Sizers

Well, Sparklers, it's that gorgeous time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and it's now socially appropriate to order pumpkin-flavored refreshments (which in my opinion should be available the whole year!). But there's one special perk to autumn that makes Darren Criss and myself sing and dance with joy: fashion! I love wearing fall clothes that have that autumn colors and cozy material—although sometimes it's hard to find clothes that not only look good, but fit well. Luckily for all you plus-sized Sparklers out there, I've come up with a guide on how you can rock the autumn look and feel great too!

Flowing shirts: You don't want a shirt that hugs your middle too much. Luckily, silky flowing shirts like this, this, and this do a great job at flowing off your body, making you look cute and comfortable. One of the best things about these kind shirts is their ability to hide your tummy. They usually flow straight down from where your breasts are, making your belly seem flat! Tunics can fit into this category as well.

Sweaters: One of the best ways to keep comfy and warm is with a sweater. Like flowy shirts, it's best if the sweater keeps off your tummy and is on the loose side. Loose sweaters with stripes can actually compliment your curves. Because after all, the best time to wear a striped sweater... is all the time. Turtleneck optional.

Elastic high-waisted belts: An easy to make it look you have an hourglass figure is to wear a large, high-waisted belt. Where them on your rib cage (or the skinniest part of your torso). Pair them with a simple shirt or dress to make the belt pop!

Skinny jeans and leggings: You don't have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans! Pants that are on the snug side are surprisingly comfy. I admit I was hesitant to try these bad boys on because I thought they would be unflattering to my figure, but they actually compliments i! This season you can go for colored pants or stick with darker denim. Leggings are also comfy and cute to wear with longer, flowing shirts. Wear any of these bottoms with ankle boots and you'll be in style!

Dresses and skirts: To put the curves in your hips instead of your butt, you need to find a dress or skirt with a flowing bottom. Skirts should be near the knee (you can go higher or lower if you'd like!) and should flow from your hips like this. For dresses, keep the top loose, the middle snug, and the bottom flowing in order to highlight the right curves. Pop on a cardigan and you're set!


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