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What Your Password Says About You

What Your Password Says About You

Does your Facebook friend really want you to check out the FREE giveaway of 500 FREE iPhone 5 thanks to Mark Zuckerberg in honor of Steve Jobs because he was just so nice if you just ACT QUICKLY and fill out this survey at Or has her account been compromised? Hackers are getting smarter and smarter about cracking our passwords. Of course, for some of us, that's not so hard. What does your password style say about you?

If your password is 12345: You are in kindergarten. Or you deserve to be hacked, your personal secrets exposed, and all your bank accounts emptied.

If your password is "password": You are a literalist known for your honesty and good penmanship but, sadly, not for your originality.

If your password includes your birthday: You are most likely a Libra or a Taurus, though you may be an Aries on the cusp. You are not really a "numbers person," but you are a lot of fun at parties, especially your own.

If your password includes one capital letter, two numbers, and a punctuation symbol, and cannot be found in the dictionary: You are an A student with a deep respect for privacy. You read a lot of Highlights as a kid thanks to a chronic ear infection. You are also really excited for the new Sherlock Holmes reboot.

If your password includes an exclamation point: You have a zest for life and a very strong left pinky finger. Your sneezes are powerful enough to be heard across a crowded room.

If your password includes a question mark: You are an introspective person who is very good at science but not at making decisions. You currently have three kinds of deodorant in your bathroom.

If your password includes a semicolon: You've been hacked before. Fool me once... You will also probably grow up to be a copy editor or an FBI agent.

If your password is a palindrome: You also read a lot of Highlights as a kid but because of chronic strep throat, not an ear infection. You love crossword puzzles, and your face is very symmetrical (note: that video is worth watching for the lady's hair alone).

If your password is your dog's name: You are a caring person known for your loyalty. You prefer hamburgers to pizza. Your dog better not be named "12345."

If your password is your crush's name: While some may see you as shy, you are just an introvert. Your favorite poet is Sylvia Plath. You may or may not have once broken into your crush's locker to sniff the inside of it.

If your password is your favorite sports team: You prefer circles to squares. Half the clothes in your closet are green, red, orange, or blue. You are thinking about learning sign language.

If your password changes every week: You are hiding something. We'd rather not know what.

So what does your password say about you?

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