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The Best Pickup Lines for English Class

The Best Pickup Lines for English Class

Poetry, plays, novels, literature, titles, quotes, authors—English class is rife with material for you to plagiarize and re-edit to fit your romance needs. Even Thoreau's essay on Civil Disobedience is hot under the right circumstances! Who doesn't like a rule-breaker wh0 defies The Man by....not paying their taxes....huh.

In case you need some inspiration to get the dorky seduction started, here are a few ideas.

If you're studying Poetry....

  • "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? You're just as hot AND you don't sweat too much."
  • "What say you be La Belle Dame to my Sans Merci? Minus the whole 'dying on a hillside' thing."
  • "All these poets bit the dust so YOUNG. They were, like, our age!" (This will remind them of their mortality. Hormones will do the rest).

If you're studying a Play...

  • "Wanna run lines with me? Your voice is so sexy, it makes me want to Mac your Beth."
  • "Let's take this Long Day 's Journey into one Long Night." *Follow up with some hip thrusts*
  • "If you want to be Juliet, I'll be your Romeo. Except at the end we DON'T kill ourselves, because that would be a bummer."

If you're studying anything by Dickens...

  • "I have Great Expectations of you, me, a greasy bucket of extra-butter popcorn, and Friday night at the movies. "
  • "You are my Agnes." (Agnes is way cool. Read the book and you'll see).
  • "Dickens is why I want to be a writer." (Writer=Artistic Type=Hot).
  • "My House was Bleak until you walked through the door. See what I did there?"

What's the best English class pickup line you can think of?

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