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The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN 3: Katniss Everdeen versus Hawkeye!

The MindHut
The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN 3: Katniss Everdeen versus Hawkeye!

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Wow, Masterminds, you really know how to bring the fight. The last SciFi Smackdown between Pinkie Pie and Bane was very controversial, which is exactly the way we like it. After all, a round that matches a magical pony against a Gotham City juggernaut is bound to get messy.

Bane's defenders made some excellent points, especially about his superior battle intelligence. As a villain who excels in exploiting the weaknesses of others, Bane might very well use Pinkie's friendliness against her. For example, larosajon1 suggested that Bane would simply invite Pinkie to give him a hug, an offer the fun-loving pony couldn't refuse, and then it'd be goodbye Ms. Pie. Likewise, d_gallows thought Bane could just throw a big bash and poison the Party Pony.

But Team Pinkie asked Team Bane why she couldn't also exploit his weaknesses? WhiteEyedCat thought that if anyone had the ability to make Bane accept the power of love and friendship, it's Pinkie (or he'd just go insane with too much exposure to her happiness). Our favorite Pinkie defender was Blackspeed, who simply said, "The thing is, Pinkie has Pie has no limits. At all." Terrifyingly true.

As always, the winner is determined by popular vote. Sorry to the brony-haters, but the winner is PINKIE PIE! She won 15 to 12, and will be advancing to the next level to fight new heroes and villains with her party cannon. Turns out friendship really is magic!

Now for this week's match, which we expect to be even more heated than the last one. With characters suggested by friendlydragonette, this match will be a battle of the bow!


Katniss Stats:

Species: Human

Strengths: Archery, singing, having absolutely mind-blowing endurance, and being resourceful beyond belief. She definitely out-MacGyvers MacGyver.

Weaknesses: District 13 considers Katniss' weakness to be an inability to follow orders but in truth, her impulsive nature is actually a strength. Her real problem is a lack of physical braun and brutality. I'm not saying she's not tough: I certainly wouldn't fight her! But she knows she's better at strategic battles than hand-to-hand combat, and she chooses her allies based on the same criteria. Think of it this way: if The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park had a baby, Katniss wouldn't be the T-Rex tearing through fences: she'd be the wily raptor sneaking up on her prey. Clever girl.

Personal Beliefs: As a hardened survivalist, Katniss believes that you can only rely on yourself. And that cats are overrated.

Aliases: The Mockingjay, the Girl on Fire, the Badass of YA Fiction.

Quote: "Flight is essential... but I can't let my fear show."

Hawkeye Stats:

Species: Human

Strengths: Also archery, but Hawkeye uses more technologically advanced weapons than Katniss. As we saw in The Avengers, he has a full-on arrow factory in his quiver, featuring bombs, repel cords, electrocution gadgets, heat-seakers, grappling hooks, and all manner of other tricks. He's no slump even without his signature weapon. A former circus acrobat with martial arts and swordplay training, Hawkeye is as awesome as any of his fellow Avengers, yet doesn't even have real superpowers!

Weaknesses: Redheads.

Personal Beliefs: Hawkeye, like Katniss, is a survivalist with a tough background who will only work with a very elite group of allies. But despite his role in the Avengers, he still ultimately believes it's every man for himself in this dog-eat-dog world.

Aliases: Clint Barton, Goliath, Ronin.

Quote: "Do you know what it feels like to be unmade?"

It's the attack of the awesome archers! The assault of the assassins with arrows! The blitzkrieg of the bow badasses! Which hunter will get the other in their crosshairs first? Vote below!

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