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New York Fashion Week Got a Little Weird

New York Fashion Week Got a Little Weird

Front Row at Luca Luca c/o Splashnews

To be fair, it wasn't ALL weird-town at New York Fashion Week. Some of it was breathtaking and diaphanous (Oscar de la Renta & Christian Siriano: get out of my dreams, get into my car). Some of it was glorious pop-punk (holla at your girl, Anna Sui). Aaaaandd some of it was a nightmare.

I mean, did I actively look for the weirdest stuff  unleashed like a horrible, horrible plague upon the runways? YES. Yes, I did. Because we all know in our hearts that for every gal in a rad motorcycle jacket, there would be another model wearing a fabric-covered birdcage, her face completely obscured by lace. This is the gypsy's bargain we made with Anna Wintour long ago. You wanted fashion? Ok, but you also have to get fabric and not-fabric and bones and swamp hair and red eyeliner and sometimes glitter and sometimes flippers. This is what happens when you sell your soul—don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

Whatever …we can't afford any of this anyway! So let's enjoy the trainwrecks!

Speaking of fabric-covered cages, this sad marionette puppet/model is wearing a plaid number that also doubles as a prison.

This is a new cartoon I'm working on based on this runway show. I have the theme song:
Space mermaids! (Mermaids from Out-er Space!)
They live on a planet
Make only of water
Could it be they're of Earth?
Stop your crazy talk, Firth!
(Sidenote: Colin Firth will be in it)
They're from space, space, space
Space mermaids! Mermaids from Out-er Space!

Fashun for Olsen twins and basically no one else.


Ok, so this isn't exactly "weird" per se, but it made me think of something weird sooo it counts! When I used to live in Philly, there were these two old-lady twins who used to walk around. They were borderline creepy in a Grey Gardens kind of way and they shuffled down the sidewalk together every day, wearing wacky matching outfits and rain bonnets even when the sun was shining. This model is wearing a rain bonnet for no good reason! I cannot get on board. Also, I think those twins might have been ghosts.

Like a speed skater from Middle Earth.

Wait a tic … this is a band! Thwarted!
Full disclosure: I knew they were a band, ok? I knew it. I was just checking … to see … whatever, they look weird, amirite?! But like weird in a badass way?

And now, from the guy who loves Fashion Week SO MUCH, he's been known to arrive more than three hours late to his own fashion shows come …this awkward old-timey jail jumpsuit! Imagine if the future came and we all had to wear these weird concoctions so we'd all match and be identifiable? Marc Jacobs, you renegade.

I've never heard of a lot of the designers on this list—which is kind of what drew me to them in the first place. If I've never heard of them, they've gotta be the ones with the weird shiz = logic. Unless you guys have heard of 'em, then I totally have too. I mean, Die Antwoord, wow. They are so music right now…? Uh, what? Moving on!

Creatures of the Wind, for instance, made me look twice because it reminded me of a fantasy book I like called The Name of the Wind and also that song from Pocohontas. Someone hand me at least 3,000 fashion cool-bucks right about now because I managed to bring sci-fi/fantasy AND Disney AND New York Fashion Week together in a single paragraph. But actually, I think this CotW dress kinda already did it for me—it's silver and princessy and looks like it's capable of dark magic. And the model's head is being held on by a string.

This is the most fashion-y thing you'll ever hear me say: normally, I really like Rodarte. Plus, its name sounds like the sound a French motorcycle probably makes. And again, these new spring fashions aren't necessarily weird per se … but just … why? Why look like you're wearing several items of clothing backwards? There is no reason why. C'est la vie! (*hops on my French motorcycle and Rodarrrrrrtes away).

YESSS, now we're talking. What … is … happening?
Stop. Everything. Right. Now.

What's your favorite weird look from Fashion Week?

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