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Falling In Love: Five Date Ideas for the Season

Falling In Love: Five Date Ideas for the Season

Yes, it’s autumn, and yes, it’s time for you to FALL in love (see what we did there?!?). Need some ideas on how to sweep your lover off his feet this fall? Use our ideas, and in a matter of days, it will be Facebook official.

Enjoy the foliage. Yes, it’s time for you to get really excited about leaves! Fall brings out the most beautiful colors—marigold yellows, burnt oranges, and rich reds. Natural beauty is a nice (and cheap) thing to take in on a special Saturday with your love bug. Bring your date to a local forest preserve or botanical garden. Make your outing festive with some pumpkin lattes to sip on while you walk through the woods or whatever. Take pictures, sit on a log and stare into each other’s eyes, and hold hands.

Get ready for some football. If you’re interested in a wooing an athlete, it’s time to throw on a tight jersey, paint those black things under your eyes, and cheer loudly. First, make sure your new dude doesn’t have any practices or games on his calendar (come on, you should have this memorized by now!). On an open day or night, head out together to watch some guys chase a ball and wrestle each other. Even if you’re not the athletic type yourself, it’s hard not to enjoy a place that's selling fried food and hot chocolate. And if you still don’t understand what this football game is all about by the second quarter, half, inning, or whatever, just remember there’s usually some kind of cool half-ime show. Can't afford tickets to a big game? Watch a local high school game, or ball out yourselves at a local park. Throw the old hog around, and tackle each other!

Pick apples. While somewhat clichéd, there is a reason this autumn activity is notoriously popular: because it’s really, really fun! After doing some Googling, you and Johnny Appleseed should head out to a local farm. These types of places usually offer a lot more than picking fruit from a tree—things like hayrides, farmers markets, and gift shops that sell everything you can possibly make from apples (juice, donuts, gum...). After the date, bake some sort of dessert with your SO, and if you’re a suck up, make extra to bring to his mom.

Sift while you thrift. Cheap thrills rock and so do cheap Halloween costumes. Looking for a costume alone can be stressful, especially if you leave it for the last minute. This year, be prepared and shop early with your new “friend.” On the weekends, head out to thrift stores around town and keep your eyes peeled for unique and hilarious items you could work into a potential costume. If you are confident that you’ll make this new relationship last through October, see if your SO wants to do a couple’s costume. You could go as an old couple complete with powered white hair and canes from the Salvation army, a nerd duo, Boy Scouts, or skeletons.

Bond over fire. If you aren't too embarrassed to ask your parents for help, see if your dad will help you set up a safe bonfire in the yard for a special night (sorry, but we are scared of what might happen if you attempt this alone). Stock up on little weiners (not those kinds!), marshmallows, and graham crackers. Now that it's not 105 degrees, enjoy the crisp fall night and snuggle up under the stars on a blanket. If this isn't good practice for winter hibernation, we don't know what is.

How are you making the magic happen this fall? Are you gonna bob for apples (hehe) or make out at a very public football game? We want to know!

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