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15 Rejected Student Council President Slogans

15 Rejected Student Council President Slogans

It is only a myth that running for Student Council Prez is a popularity contest. The only thing that really matters is a killer slogan. We don't know what those are, but we know what those aren't. So refrain from using these ineffective slogans. Trust uswe tried them out when we were running, and look at US. We're nobodies. Had we come up with a good slogan, we would have become Student Council President, been knighted Queen of the Prom, opened a Pinkberry fro yo franchise, and be living in the White House. (Probably just spoon feeding Bo fro yo.) But listen up because we DO have some good advice.

  • For President Of The People Who Really Just Want A Nacho Fountain, vote me.
  • Tippecanoe? Seriously? I can do much better than that.
  • I will buy you all motorized chairs to ride to your next class just vote for me.
  • This is going to look really good on my college applications.
  • I Like Ike too but he died in the '60s so let's see what I can do instead.
  • A slice of pizza and a hall pass in every pocket. But the pizza is wrapped in cellophane don't worry it won't get all over your tater tots.
  • The stakes are too high for you to stay home on election day and Facebook stalk your ex. But not too high to miss Here Comes Honey Boo Boo because that stuff is impossible to not watch.
  • My Mommy Thinks I'm Awesome.
  • Springfield Middle School needs a change in underwear. Let me be your new underwear.
  • Don't stop dreaming about donuts. Or tomorrow. But really not donuts, ever.
  • Putting people first. (After adorable puppies in swings.)
  • I have a LOT to say so let's put this big mouth of mine to use in ways other than eating forkfuls of blobs of cheese. But I'll still do the cheese thing, too, if you don't mind.
  • I'm a furniture. Oh, is this thing on? Vote for me.
  • Oh, don't make me sing!

What slogan would make you vote for us? Vote for us!

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