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What Your Writing Utensil Says About You

What Your Writing Utensil Says About You

The debate between pen vs. pencil is lengthy, riddled with controversy, and frankly, not what this post is about. More interesting to us is the fact that much like a favorite color, movie, or Muppet, one's choice of writing tool is highly indicative of one's personality. The following is the result of a completely unscientific study conducted by the author that proves, once and for all, you are what your write (with).

No. 2 Pencil with an eraser: You are an old-fashioned, classy lad/lassie who can rock a sweater vest, has a sugar bowl with actual sugar cubes, and loves a good veranda with a porch swing. You know everyone makes mistakes (hence the eraser), but quality has a timelessness you treasure (hence the No.2). Oh, you wise young judge.

Favored writing paper: The standard Composition Notebook

Mechanical Pencil: Sharp, precise, and to the point—you mind is like your wit, and your wit clearly guides your pencil choice. You put the logic in logical, and your heroes include Issac Newton, Fermat, and the dude who came up with Game Theory. But clearly, you have your idiosyncrasies—why else would you favor a pencil that always breaks its tip right at the worst possible moment in an exam? That's right. You are that weird math professor that looks uptight, but in a night of mid-life crises mode, does something wild and crazy and magnificent to the statue of the school founder.

Favored writing paper: Graph paper

Red Pencil: The only excuse for writing in red pencil is that you're a teacher. Don't mess up the next generation, Mr. Sutherbee.

Favored writing paper: The shattered hopes and dreams of your students (aka a test).

Bic Ballpoint Pen: In general, you aren't a fussy sort of person. You like to buy in bulk, and one pen is as good as another, but you chose Bic Ballpoints because they're cheap and they were the first thing you saw.

Favored writing paper: Something made from trees...?

Classic Fountain Pen: Deep mahogany woods, rich red velvets, silk dressing gowns and slippers—these are all so you. You are Oscar Wilde before he went to jail. Sherlock Holmes, deep in thought. Lord Grantham who, while not too witty, was fairly awesome before that stupid maid plot line in the 2nd season of Downton Abbey.

Favored Writing Paper: Heavy-weight creamy Florentine paper made by a little old man whose family has been in the paper-making business for generations.

Quill and Ink: You're basically Jane Austen re-incarnated, and you don't mind bearing ink stains on your clothes, hands, and face—in fact, you're proud of them.You ARE a lady writer, and you plan to author a hit historical novel, buy a beautiful manor in the English countryside, and meet and marry your own Captain Wentworth (he's way better than Darcy).

A Typewriter: You are wild and free, a lover and a fighter, a brawler and a peacemaker. Life is for the living is your motto, and you favor writers like Ernest Hemmingway and Jack London, men who were MEN. You will probably be a journalist, or the owner of an awesome underground speakeasy.

Favored writing paper: Typewriter stock

A Computer And/Or Tablet: Clearly, you were born in the 00s. You are the future. With a cell phone in your hand and a super-fancy organic latte by your side, you are saving the world, one blog at a time. You also had to Google what a payphone was when Maroon 5's song came out.

Favored writing paper: What's paper? I write in a Cloud.

So, which utensil do you use? Did we miss any of them?

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