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Learn About the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Online Masters Programs

Learn About the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Online Masters Programs

Online degrees from prestigious universities, let’s talk about it! Recently, we explored programs at the University of Southern California. Today, we travel to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, one of the highest-ranked schools in the country.

UNC is now part of the trend of great schools offering advanced degrees online, which means students don’t have to relocate to enroll. Without packing up your poisonous tarantula collection, you could get an MBA (Masters of Business Administration), or an MPA (Masters of Public Administration) from UNC-Chapel Hill.

One of the top MBA programs online, MBA@UNC shapes global leaders through online lectures, small group video chats with professors, online “office hours,” and video chats with peers. The program allows students to learn on their own, from anywhere, but also have access to peers and teachers. The idea is to build a network of students that extends outside of Chapel Hill—a network that can lead to jobs in business all over the world.

So, is it weird being in an online class? Watch this video and see for yourself how it all goes down:

And the MPA@UNC? This Master of Public Administration program is meant for students with a passion for public service. The faculty that teach the online courses are the same as those who teach the on-campus classes at the UNC School of Government, except the online classes are capped at 15 people.

But what IS an MPA, anyway? Students who pursue MPAs learn:

-leadership skills

-how to read and understand data about communities and organizations

-how to draw up and implement policies that can change communities or organizations

-how to decorate The White House. Just kidding, but a girl can dream!

So, what do you think? Would you consider getting an advanced degree online after college?

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