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The Five Stages of Getting Over Your Crush

The Five Stages of Getting Over Your Crush


We all have that time in our lives when we crush on someone and we crush on them hard. And you're floating along in your state of bliss, daydreaming about the pets you and your crush will own when you're married in 2.37 years, when CRASH. You find out your crush is, sadly, already taken, and your illusion is shattered. And then this happens...

1. You freeze up. Maybe someone tells you. Maybe you find out while Facebook-stalking. Either way, your whole body starts to tingle, and your heart beats faster. You find it hard to swallow, and you know your shock will most likely show….unless you’re a ninja, of course.

2. You find out all about this new girl/guy. Is she a cheerleader? Is he a football super-star? Is she someone who’s going to help him pass the next semester’s worth of math homework? You start to think of ways in which you can name her unworthy to be the SO of your crush. Don’t go overboard with this, though, since that’s just a heaping pile of trouble.

3. You get angry and second-guess yourself. “Why didn’t he choose me? I’M SO MUCH COOLER THAN HER.” Well, all Sparklers and Manklers are cooler than everyone else, but there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it. About 98% of the time, it’s not your fault. Trust me, yo.

4. You may or may not find something to cuddle and think it through. For me, it was a towel……..don’t judge me.

5. You move on and see a light to the end of the tunnel. “Is she really that cute?” or “Eh, he wasn’t that great of a guy anyway…”. These responses eventually pass through your brain, even though it might take weeks, or months, to get there. But when they do, listen.

How do you get over an unattainable crush?

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