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My Attempt At Being A Fashionista: A Chronicle of Fashion's Night Out

My Attempt At Being A Fashionista: A Chronicle of Fashion's Night Out

For the past 4 years, Fashion's Night Out has been an integral part of New York Fashion Week. FNO invades Manhattan for one day each September, when participating stores stay open late hosting designers, models, celebrities, and fashion-obsessed regular people for events, entertainment and, of course, sales. This year, I decided to put on a pout and sashay through the night to see if I have what it takes to be a fashionista.

6 pm: Fashion's Night Out has officially started! Yay! But I'm stuck at work. job is blocking my fashionista dreams! I want to meet Karl Lagerfield. I want to see Heidi Klum. I want to SHOP.

6:45 pm: My work computer is broken. I'm unplugging it and throwing on my stilettos! And by stilettos I mean my penny loafers, because come on. Let's be practical here. If I'm going to traipse around downtown for hours, I need to be comfortable. Besides, it's granny-prep-school-chic.

7:00 pm: Waiting for my friend Meghan to arrive so we can take downtown Manhattan by storm.

7:05 pm: She's here! Let the shopping begin....

7:10 pm: about 40 minutes. She's hungry. We go eat dinner at a hummus place.

8:00 pm: Finally we make it downtown and hit our first store: Urban Outfitters. Everyone looks so cool and hip, I immediately feel dowdy in my brown skirt and polka dot blue shirt. Hey, they're giving us free stuff! And there's a DJ. The night is looking good...

8:30 pm: Check out a design competition on the top floor of Urban. It's quiet. The hush of creativity, I suppose.

8:40 pm: We're done with Urban! Onto...Deigaul? Did I spell that right? Did I SAY that right? What IS it?

8:45 pm: Apparently it's a European store. Ok. Yay free tote bag!

9:00 pm: Yes, finally a store I know, my go-to for trendy-cheap (like trendy-chic, but less expensive. obviously.): H&M.

9:15 pm: No free stuff in H&M, but I try on a coat that makes me look like a Muppet. I feel avant-garde.

9:20 pm: Express is giving free manicures! Oh. Long line. Never mind. Yes, I bite my nails and yes, they may look worse for the wear, but cold weather is imminent, so my solution is simple: gloves. We pass by the front door and people are taking pictures with someone who seems famous, but I can't tell who. Note to self: must keep up with pop culture and refrain from re-reading Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire for the nth time...

9:20 pm: Megan wants to stop into a store called Zara. We go in. She joins the line to get a free fruity beverage. I wander around looking at clothes I'd probably never wear. I watch a girl try on a big coat. She looks like she's having fun. My feet are starting to hurt. Penny loafers, don't fail me now....

9:30 pm: We re-join the throng outside to push our way through to Bloomingdale's. I see a bored-looking policeman and wish I could trade places with him. At least he's getting overtime for this.

9:45 pm: We enter Bloomingdale's and I cough after being assaulted by a perfume cloud. Beautiful people look at me askance as they pose for photo-journalist-blogger . I glare at them. That's right. I inhale through my mouth sometimes. And then—I exhale.

9:48 pm: We make our way to the top floor where a band is playing. Meghan points out that there's an artist drawing portraits of people. I zoom in on a nearby table holding free Vitamin Water. I drink it thirstily, even though it tastes like a melted grape popsicle.

10:00 pm: We drag ourselves out and into a trendy British import store called Topshop.

10:01: We drag ourselves out. It's so trendy it makes our eyes hurt.

10:05: We decide that retail stores are the devil's work and make our way towards the subway. On the way we pass an accessories truck. I think I see Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame outside of it. I'm too tired to care, but I take a pic of her anyways with my phone. It comes out blurry. I now have a photo of a semi-famous blob.

10:10: I say good-bye to Meghan and hop on the subway to go back home. As I survey my free tote bag and chug the last of my Vitamin Water, I conclude being a fashionista is hard work. I'd much rather stay at home munching on popcorn while petting my puppies. Hey, it's only 10:10. There's still time....

10:30: Home. Puppies at my feet. Popcorn in a bowl. An episode of House Hunters International on the television. Sigh. This. Is. Heaven.

Do you think you could hack it as a fashionista? It sounds so harrddddd!

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