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What's Your Harry Potter-verse Name?

What's Your Harry Potter-verse Name?

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Even if you’re not an über-Harry Potter fan, you probably wouldn’t mind if you had magical powers. And do you know the first step towards becoming a legendary fictional wizard? The name, of course! After all, there’s a reason J.K. doesn’t have characters named James Smith or Emily Jones. Follow the steps below to discover your own magical name. Who knows, you could find your name and the names of a few friends and make an amazing Potter-esque name song!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the date you were born.

1: James/Amelia

2: Armando/Eloise

3: Euan/Poppy

4: Rubeus/Ginevra

5: Newton/Merope

6: Arthur/Irma

7: Albus/Molly

8: Quentin/Petunia

9: Dudley/Sibyll

10: Fred/Katie

11: Gilderoy/Lily

12: Percival/Bathilda

13: Orion/ Padma

14: Alastor/Marjorie

15: Charlie/Arabella

16: Kingsley/Kendra

17: Wulfric/Bertha

18: Cornelius/Andromeda

19: George/Miranda

20: Oliver/Parvati

21: Tom/Phyllida

22: Colin/Rita

23: Ronald/Ariana

24: Gregory/Helena

25: Dean/Nymphadaora

26: Godric/Lavender

27: Cedric/Cho

28: Seamus/Cassandra

29: Victor/Minerva

30: Lucius/Penelope

31: Vincent/Eleanor

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the city you’d most like to visit.

Paris: Severus/Bellatrix

London: Emeric/Fleur

New York City: Norbert/Luna

Los Angeles: Regulus/Hannah

Tokyo: Neville/Narcissa

Milan: Humphrey/Helga

Berlin: Mundungus/Hermione

Rome: Harry/Susan

Glasgow: Ronan/Rowena

Athens:  Sirius/Hepzibah

Sydney: Vindictus/Hestia

Madrid: Remus/Alicia

Brasilia: Draco/Natalia

Vancouver: Malcolm/Pomona

Washington, D.C.: Marcus/Dolores

Dublin: Dennis/Angelina

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite Harry Potter book.

Philosopher’s Stone: Snape

Chamber of Secrets: Potter

Prisoner of Azkaban: Dumbledore

Goblet of Fire: Riddle

Order of the Phoenix: Weasley

Half-Blood Prince: Longbottom

Deathly Hallows: Granger

What's your Harry Potter Name?

Post by sydney8771 (AKA Ariana Fleur Granger)!

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