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10 Nerdy Girl Must-Haves

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10 Nerdy Girl Must-Haves

There may have been a time in the past when it wasn't socially acceptable for girls to fly their geek flag high, but those days are over! Girls are geeks too, and we’ll wear it, read it, watch it, and play it with the best of them. Below, you will find a darling list of 10 adorable nerdy girl must-haves. Dump out your purse, peruse your desk drawers, take a gander at your shelves, and see what you’ve got on the list. How’d you do? Did we miss any good ones? Now is not the time to be shy! If you’ve got the biggest collection of hobbit bobbleheads, we want to hear about it!

1. Nail polish in shades of TARDIS-Blue, Princess Peach, and Batman Black.

Most likely you won’t find bottles with those exact names, but you can find the colors and call them whatever the heck you want.

2. A massive keychain collection.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re that girl with the cluster of Disney toons, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, the entire pantheon of Sanrio characters, Lego men, and a few figures from obscure indie comics thrown in to balance out all that commercialism. All of these little treasures are obviously necessary to hold onto one house key and one car key.

3. MAC Lipstick in Dark Side.

Because it’s actually called “Dark Side.” It says so right on the bottom. Make Vader proud!

4. A Steampunk flash drive.

There are plenty of (expensive) versions of this floating around the web, but it’s not too hard to make one yourself. Grab a hold of any old flash drive, a tube of jewelry glue, and then a handful of buttons, old clock gears, bolts, and washers. Then have a little mosaic party.

5. Voidwalker throw pillows.

Every good warlock needs her giant blueberry minion.

6. Personal Harry Potter Wand.

Hop on your Nimbus 2000 and head to Orlando. They have Ollivander’s Wand Shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and your wand will choose you! It also comes in a pretty box so you can put it on display. If your broom is out of order, you can always order your wand online too.

7. Beach towels that resemble the capes of various superheroes.

Let’s face it. They will be used as capes far more often than they will be used as beach towels.

8. A Stormtrooper helmet.

Most of the time, it just looks good on the bookshelf. But we all have those bad hair days too.

9. Battlestar Galactica Insignia Pins.

Traditionally worn with the uniforms of the Colonial Fleet, these shiny little baubles also look great on messenger bags, purses, and gamer tees.

10. Love Letters.

Not just any love letters. The ones your boyfriend wrote in either Elvish or Klingon.

Lle ier Vanima.

jIH muSHa' SoH.

Translation: Did we miss anything?

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