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Miley Cyrus' Older Sister Brandi Is Making Some Super-Catchy Pop, You Guys

Miley Cyrus' Older Sister Brandi Is Making Some Super-Catchy Pop, You Guys

If you've ever listened to Hannah Montana or seen footage of a Miley Cyrus concert, then chances are you're already accidentally familiar with her older sister Brandi.

Big B, son of Billy Rae, sister of Trace, Miley, Noah, and Braison, is the oldest of the Cyrus brood, and spent a little time playing guitar for her sister's real and fictional concerts. But more importantly, along with friend/singer/crazy-quick pianist Codi Caraco, Brandi forms half of the lo-fi pop duo Frank + Derol, who just signed to Interscope records and put out their first jangly single, "I Barely Love You Too." Listen to it here:

Already we can tell Frank + Derol has a much bigger indie rock crush than any of the other Cyrus songwriters. "I Barely Love You Too" flirts with the dulcet harmonies of First Aid Kit's Söderberg sisters, the painless retro-pop progressions of Tennis and lovesick lyrics like "Say you will, say you won't / you can wear my sticker, you can have my vote" that make us wonder who we have to email to make this Obama's official campaign theme (or, at a minimum, the theme of your back-to-school crush). Comment if you've got the connections.

It's a summery shade of Cyrus, for sure—and if this teaser video for their upcoming album is any indication, Codi's piano chops will find welcome company with a full freakin' string orchestra and a floppy-headed bass dude who looks like a younger, cheerier Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

As for the name…we're not sure. Nobody in the band, past or present, is named Frank or Derol. But the name is an anagram of "Rolf Darken" as well as "Drone Flark," which both sound like they should be awesome Scandinavian black metal musicians, so bonus point there.

What do you guys think of Frank + Derol? Will you scope their debut EP when it comes out in September? Are there any more Cyruses lurking in the shadows that Billy Rae wont tell us about?

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