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It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on...oh, sorry. DUDES. It's a Long weekend! We are already planning our super-cool, extra-fun expedition to a secret location of secretness, where we will do exciting things. And you're all invited...but only if you can figure out the location of the secret place of secretness. Good luck! Now on to the Friwards...

SuperSleuth Points go to Invader_Pinkie, sparkledancer97, and divergirl123, who figured out last week’s secret message. WHOO.

The Great Idea Award goes to emi9274 for this comment on the 1D post:

“I would love to see Niall on the television series Psych. Haha he could be Guster's adopted nephew, brought on to set because of a mysterious disspearing of his dearly beloved Irish mother. In the show, whenever he is asked a question, he answers while doing an adorble Irish jig.”

The Wise Words Award goes to ShazamBam for this comment:

“Have some ambition. There are way to many waiters and not nearly enough cowboy astronaut noble-prize winners.”

The Sparkle On Award goes to Luny-Lovegood for this comment on the back-to-school survival post:

“Disco ball: covered. I've got a mini-sized one in my locker!”

And LoOAs go to…

Simmysandhu for this comment:

“OUCH! I didn't fall. The floor just needed a hug.”

YouGoFirst for this comment on the secrets post:

“I'm such a good secret-keeper.

I mean who would've guessed that the great Dan Bergstein-


Miki-ayla for this comment:

“My chemistry book wanted to know how to separate steel pins from wooden toothpicks.
My answer? Burn all of it!
Their answer? Use a magnet!
Come on chemistry! Fire is so much more fun!”

Hannie_Honey for this comment on the movie recap slideshow:

“I'm all like "Release date: 6/22"?! That must be a typo, there aren't 22 months in a year!
And then I remember that America does it backwards.
It's so darn complicated, and it gets me every time!”

tragicxharmony for this comment on the end of summer post:

“when I go out in the sun, I get mini-tans on selected areas of my body.

Some people call them freckles.”

Gotstagecrew for this comment on the bts slideshow:

“If I put glittery stickers everywhere does that mean I've beat the system?”

Paradiselight for this comment:

"Post on facebook - Cigarettes are a lot like hamsters; harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire."

YAY, FRIDAY! Are you excited for the weekend??

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