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How to Get an SO on the Very First Day of School

How to Get an SO on the Very First Day of School

In high school, you have to push yourself to meet your goals so that you’ll be a successful person in the future. You need to study hard so that you can get into that “reach” college. You must run every day at 5 am so that you dominate the track team as only the captain could. And most importantly, you must lay down some incredibly smooth mack so that you can land a dime piece girl (or boy) friend during the very first day of school, like a true player for real. How can you be smooth without being slimy? How do you act super outgoing and friendly without coming off as too easy? We’ve got some tips from our old player’s handbook, and we know these tricks will still work for you.

Create a slow motion magic moment. When you first push open the door to your high school, make sure some music starts to play that will win the attention of your potential lovers. Talk to a friend with access to the PA system and have them blare something classic like, “Take My Breath Away” or “The Thong Song” through the school’s halls. Then, as you enter the building, reenact the perfect slow motion movie montage. Strut in, shake your hair, turn and smile before letting out a giant, silent laugh. This is the magic moment where someone notices you and you aren’t even trying.

Smell amazing. Besides looking like a million bucks (duh, that's a given), you should smell like it, too. If you try this money inspired scent, you’ll be bringing home more than bacon. If smelling like money kind of scares you (after all you want someone who loves you for more than what’s in your bank), go for a scent you feel you potential lover will be unable to resist like cinnamon buns. You’ll smell like you’ve only got sweetness junk in your trunk.

Be a Damsel in Distress. Put yourself in situations where a nice person would surely help you out—this will create the ultimate “cute meet,” which screen writers use in romantic comedies to help people like Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey “accidently” meet and fall into sappy, sticky love. Perhaps, you have a flat tire and need a ride home. Or ask someone for a bite of their sandwich after explaining that you left yours at home (or ate it already in 3rd period). Get your shoe stuck in the mud on the baseball field and cutely whimper like a vulnerable puppy. Whatever “helpless” situation you put yourself in, make sure you have big, beautiful expressive eyes during your encounter, and find a way to touch your leading man’s hand in an accidental way.

Plant Many Seeds. You can’t just “cute meet” one person and expect to ride off into the sunset, you’re going to have to lure many unsuspecting people in before someone takes the bait and bites (hopefully in a place that can be covered by a turtle neck). In your classes, sit by different people each period and introduce yourself to everyone, including people of your same sex. Maybe they have a hot older brother or sister they can hook you up with. In general, it’s a good idea to be a bit more independent of your regular friends when you’re on the prowl so that you're exposed to new people.

Be Yourself. Yeah, it's cheesy and sure, it doesn't always work, but hey, being you is always the best!

End with Something Special. At the end of the first day, leave an awesome first impression on your favorite potential SO. Leave  a note on his locker, or ask her to get a Rolo McFlurry at McDonald's. Cap the day off with something memorable so this isn't just the first day of school, but the first day of you two met.

How are you going to get hooked up on the very first day of school? Got any tips? Share them with your fellow Sparklers!

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