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Val's Favorite Animal Videos on the Internet

Val's Favorite Animal Videos on the Internet

Hear ye, hear ye. We have a story to tell; one of great importance and squee. Animals have given humankind pleasure since the dawn of time… and eww, no, not like that.

Man first began videotaping animals for home use, and, eventually, ye olde America’s Funniest Home Videos’ use.

Then man developed YouTube and Vimeo. This allows man to view many a video of hilarious and adorable animals across the land.

Gather ‘round, fair Sparklers, and enjoy my favorite animal videos!

1. The Shopping Pet Penguin

Keeping a penguin as a pet is certainly not advised, unless you have a refrigerated room for your Lala.

2. The Dog That Couldn’t Roll Over

We have all felt like this. Especially on the first day of school.

3. A Cupboard of Baby Pandas

Fun fact: That’s the correct term for a bunch of pandas.

4. Toby the Sloth Learns to Climb


5. Poor Maggie

If you’re ever having a bad day, just think about Maggie. She is stuck in the toilet and her owner just cackles.

6. He Just Wants the Strawberry

Watch this teeny tiny turtle try to eat a little garden strawberry. He’s pathetically adorable.

7. You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me

Kitty gets confused easily because she is a baby kitty and does not need to be smart.

What are some of your favorites? (Looking forward to the BEST COMMENTS EVER.)

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