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Happy, Happy Friday! Come Get a Trophy!

Happy, Happy Friday! Come Get a Trophy!

IT'S FRIDAY. WHOO-FREAKING-HOO! We're handing out high-fives to anyone and everyone who just finished their first week of school and sympathy smiles to everyone whose about to start their first week of school.

You guys may not know this, but the reason that first weeks of school are so nerve-wracking is because there is a small tribe of evil penguins who follow students around and cause mischief. Yes, that does sound a bit like a poltergeist, but it's not because it's penguins. PENGUINS. They look cute, but believe us, they are evil.

Like, seriously, on our first day of 12th grade there was this penguin, and it had a very large wheel of cheese and was chasing usoh, wait! That story is classified. Nevermind, on to the Friwards!

Happy Birthday to darkishdancer35 and selemi!

DAwwwwww Points go to lyricalDissonance for this comment on the Books to Lend Your Crush post:

“lent my crush Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic.

We're dating now, so I must have done something right.”

The Smarty Pants Award goes to Svulli for this comment on the What Kind of Super Hero Are You Post:

“Technically, I'm not a hero, since my score is 2.5, which isn't *between* 1.5 and 2.5 or 2.5 and 3.5, but I like to think I'm an intellectual swashbuckler.”

1 BILLION MILLION Awesome Points go to Invader_Pinkie who finally answered THE ULTIMATE QUESTION and has been therefore ordained as Queen of the Galaxy for this comment on the best candies post:

“I got 525 licks to get to the center of the tootsie pop. This is what happens when my parents buy a bag of tootsie pops, I try to get to the center.”

And LoOA Awards go to the following Sparklers:

InsomniacPride for this comment:

“The ring I'm wearing has a butterfly on it... But if you flip it upside down, it looks like a tiny ninja. Sneaky ninjas.”

RoboBoogie for this comment on the What to Wear to College post:

“The signature item thing? Couldn't be more true. On more than one occasion when meeting new people, they've greeted me with, "Oh! You're the dinosaur hat girl!" Yes. Yes I am.”

PotterAnimeDork for this comment on the Freshman Fears post:

“Pretty much terrified for all of those things! BUT according to most of the universities I visited they have libraries open for 24 hours and when it's exam time it's fully acceptable to just sleep there. I am ridiculously excited about that which I'm not sure is healthy.”

Just_Smile_And_Nod for this comment on the JB Review Review post:

“Hmm. I think that your rating for Review #4 was a too generous. I would have given it 0-1 star. I give your review for Review #4 three point five stars.

Ha. I made a review of a review of a review.”

Dylpickle93 for this comment on the Avengers Gag Reel post:

“Thor, the god of juggling.”

Miki-ayla for this comment that made us giggle…and then leave a nightlight on at night:

“So are gnomes the creepy version of the tooth fairy? Go around stealing baby teeth to complete themselves?”

Paradiselight for this comment:

“I really don't think anything can explain childrens toys that have sound, except an annual conference of all toymakers to determine THE MOST ANNOYING SOUNDS KNOWN TO MAN and incorporate them into every new set of toys.”

ThePurpleRavenclaw for this comment on the Mistakes post:

“One does not simply overdo jazz hands. They are a way of life.”

ChaosandMayhem for this comment on the Kids Beliefs post:

“When I was little, my mom used to tell me that the ice cream truck only played music when it was out of ice cream. It was a valiant attempt on her part to stop us from asking for ice cream, though I always wondered why the ice cream truck ran out of ice cream before getting to our house.”

Fiction_is_Forever for this comment on the same post:

“A really weird thing I believed is that if you stood underneath the hand dryers in public toilets - the ones that blow warm air on your hands - it would make your hair fall out. My mum told me that so I wouldn't waste her time standing under them, and I concluded that my Granddad had gone bald from standing under hand dryers.”

TheSmilingFrown for this comment on the Animal Embarrassments post:

“Well, chicken's eggs are their periods as my mother so tactfully reminds me every time we eat eggs.

That just wants you to eat them, doesn't it?”

And Nicole-Lyn for this comment on the Tropical Storm Names post:

“Carlotta Chantal Ana

This sounds like the name of someone who kills people with a war club. . . .

I like it.”

Congrats Friampions! Keep the comments coming!

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