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QUIZ: What Kind of Hero Are You?

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QUIZ: What Kind of Hero Are You?

We've devised the ultimate test of heroism! Keep track of your points so you can figure out what kind of hero you are.

1. Your best friend has been kidnapped by space pirates. What is your first reaction?

A. You rally your friends together and proclaim that, "a day may come when my best friend is forever imprisoned by space pirates—but it is not this day!" The pirates are so intimidated by your bravery that they abandon their ship, allowing you to release your friend. (1 point)

B. If they're space pirates, they're probably on their way to Treasure Planet. You outsmart them by calling the space cops. They intercept the pirates on their way, and return your best friend. (2 points)

C. You rescue your friend alright, but you also make friends with the kidnappers. Regardless of their actions, space pirates might be useful to you. Plus, they really know how to liven up a party! (3 points)

D. You let your friend defend him/herself. They can handle it. (4 points)

2. You forgot all about the math exam today, and are totally unprepared? What do you do?

A. You don't have to prepare because your brain is that awesome. Math and you are pals. The exam will be a breeze. (2 points)

B. "Psst. I know, me again. So could you just give me a teensy reminder of how to do differential equations?" (3 points)

C. You accept the consequences, do the best job you can, and learn your lesson for next time. (1 point)

D. You make up your own math. 1 + 1 now equals 17. (4 points)

3. Your friend is having a huge party tonight, but it's at the same time as your little brother's end-of-season baseball game. Which one do you choose?

A. You go to the party, quickly become the center of attention, then move the party to the baseball field. Your brother appreciates having his very own cheer team. (3 points)

B. The baseball game. Family first. (1 point)

C. You clone yourself. It's not hard. You've done it before. (2 points)

D. Whichever one you feel like. (4 points)

4. While having a fun beach day with some friends, you find an enormous diamond. What do you do?

A. Your only concern is how you are going to fill out the deposit form when you bring it to the bank. (4 points)

B. You sell it and give all the proceeds to charity. (1 point)

C. You conduct a number of tests on it, and write a revelatory paper about your findings that ends up being worth more than the diamond itself. (2 points)

D. You seriously consider keeping it, but buckle. It belongs in a museum. (3 points)

Add up the total amount of points you scored and divide it by four.

If your number is between 1 and 1.5, you are a classical hero. Like Perseus, Aragorn, or Superman, you are an embodiment of bravery and virtue. You always do what's right, no matter how much it might hurt you personally. Keep fighting the good fight!

If your number is between 1.5 and 2.5, you are an intellectual hero. Like Odysseus, Scheherazade, or Sherlock Holmes, your wits are your primary defense. You're always thinking a few steps ahead, like a master chess-player. Keep fighting the fun fight!

If your number is between 2.5 and 3.5, you are a swashbuckler. Like Robin Hood, Han Solo, or Catwoman, you are a swashbuckler. You're a rogue who wheels and deals with whoever is most useful to you, no matter what their background. Still, you have a habit of coming through for the good guys in the end. Keep fighting the fun fight!

If your number is between 3.5 and 4, you are an anti-hero. Like Scarlett O'Hara, Holden Caulfield, or Arthur Dent, you have a number of vices that aren't typically associated with heroism. But that doesn't really matter, because you mostly want to do your own thing anyway, and not get dragged into this whole cumbersome "hero bag." Keep fighting the anti-fight!

What kind of hero are you?

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