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Mistakes We All Make

Sometimes when you realize you've fouled something up royal, it helps to know that you're not the first. So chin up! The entire animal kingdom has been embarrassing itself long before you dropped tail and shimmied into your jeggings.

Don't let people goat you into things you're not ready for.

Topics: Life
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Janet Manley

Janet is the Sparkitor who most resembles a common field potato, and isn't opposed to pineapple appearing on a pizza. She is proof that dreams can come true, as long as your dream is to share a love seat with Benjamin Barnes for nine and a half minutes after standing him up for five because you can't work out hotel elevators. Janet once had a smexy dream where Haymitch Abernathy hugged her meaningfully, which I think means they are married now. She would like to third-person you on Twitter @janetmanley

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