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Not a Book-Eating Monster Like Lauren Conrad? Try These Craft Ideas!

Not a Book-Eating Monster Like Lauren Conrad? Try These Craft Ideas!

Did you catch “author” Lauren Conrad’s act of biblio-cannibalism? In her latest craft DIY video, she presents a fun project for people with “old” or “vintage” books they don’t plan on reading again. Or new books they don’t plan on reading ever. Simply cut the front cover, back cover, and every single page inside the book out, and you will be left with a handsome book spine, ripe for decorating.

Next, push your pile of book carcasses to the side and create a chorus line of the fancy spines. You will be gluing these onto an animate, unimaginative, and non-transportive box. (Like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, if the wardrobe was just full of Spacebags, hanging shoe organizers, and multi-tiered coathangers.) When you’re done, you have a glamorous storage solution that you can turn to whenever you want to feed your mind. With the memories of books sawed in half.

Lauren pulled the video off her site after the literary world went into hysterics at the needless culling of Lemony Snicket's works. I’m totally on Lauren’s side, of course; I just wish she’d had the smarts to glue Amazon Kindles to the outside of the box for the same well-read effect, without the offense. (Craft tip! Have someone with lots of money purchase the Kindles for you. They’re pricey.) For a similarly book-nerderific effect, you could also just glue a pair of reading glasses to a box.

Here at SparkLife, we’ve come up with some alternate craft projects inspired by Lauren’s taste for nostalgia-ridden paste materials.

  • Create a papier mache fruit bowl out of your parent’s wedding album. They will thank you, the fruit of their marriage.
  • Knit your neighbor’s cats into a live sweater. It isn’t nature if it isn’t clawing at your armpit.
  • Use your swimming trophies as drying racks for your underpants. Especially handy if you swim in your underpants.
  • Take all the doorknobs in your house and use them as buttons for a giant cardigan. It’s fashion that will open doors.
  • Cut pieces from six different designer Stella McCartney dresses to make a quilted toaster cover. You’ll be the toast of the town!
  • Hang your childhood toy off your rearview mirror. Here’s to peering into the past while driving in rush hour traffic.
  • Cut a new opening up the front of your prom dress and use it as a nightgown. Best night ever!
  • Take your copy of L.A. Candy and turn it into a novel. This will require LOTS of glue and imagination.

Do you feel bad for poor ol' Lauren Conrad? What’s your fave craft project right now?

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