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Check Out Videos of These ADORABLE Robots!

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Check Out Videos of These ADORABLE Robots!

Robot & Frank was released last week, the latest in a long line of movies showcasing how utterly adorable robots can be (Wall-E is still the defending champion of cute, if you ask me). But there are plenty of real life robots that are just as lovable as their fictional counterparts. If you're looking for the perfect robo-friend, check out our top five cutest robots!

DARwIn-OP, the Soccer-Player: This cutie-pie was developed by Dennis Hong of Virginia Tech, and competes in the RoboCup soccer tournament every year. The idea behind RoboCup is that if a robot can learn the teamwork and coordination necessary to play a complex sport like soccer, then they will have all sorts of other useful applications. In addition to being adorable, DARwIn-OP is a real pro at these events, and took the gold home for the U.S. in 2011. Check out this metallic astroboy's moves:

Sony AIBO, the Robot Dog: Have you always wanted a dog but been put off by the work involved? Or have dogs just never looked enough like they are from outer space to fit your tastes? Check out the AIBO (Artificial Intelligence RoBOt), a robo-canine that can obey voice commands, play with toys, and sleep when its batteries are low. AIBOs even beg for attention and bark when they're curious! And as this video shows, they are very cat-friendly:

PaPeRo, the Personal Companion: PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal Robot) is designed specifically for hanging out and shooting the breeze. The adorable friend-bot can understand hundreds of words and phrases, and answer them to the best of its knowledge. PaPeRos also have facial and voice recognition, meaning that, unlike the other robots on this list, they actually know who you are when you walk into a room. Robo-win!

Pleo, the Baby Dinosaur: No words suffice. Just look at how adorable this little robot Camarasaur is.

Which robot do you think is the cutest?

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