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The Best Animals in Literature!

The Best Animals in Literature!

Let's face it—animals in literature are pretty awesome! Many of our favorite stories DEPEND on animals...but do they ever get any credit? NO! So here's to all the Mr. And Mrs. Beavers, the unnamed parrots that sidekick for every pirate ever, and every other overlooked literary animal.
10. Babe the Blue Ox: This may not be the most famous story ever, but Paul Bonun would be nowhere without his HUGE, BLUE ox. Have you ever seen a blue ox? I didn't think so. That fact alone makes Babe pretty darn awesome. Add to that his devotion and the fact that he has to follow Paul through the forest, carry all the wood, destroy things Paul can't, and he is called Big a lot of the time, which isn't nice, Babe is pretty great.

9. Every Pirate's Parrot: In almost every pirate book, the captain is a man with a wooden leg and probably an eye patch. But what makes him the scary figure everyone loves? His annoying parrot! Where would a pirate be if he didn't have a bird with a croaky voice to repeat everything he says?

8. Winnie the Pooh: Pooh is Christopher Robin's best friend, and even though Pooh is pretty high maintenance (with all the sticky situations he has to be saved from), he's still totally lovable. He loves everything and everyone, and his penchant for getting into trouble makes him all the more adorable.

7. The black cat: Just like the parrot (but even cooler), black cats are a huge part of fiction! Where would a witch be without a black cat? They're just the right mix of creepy, cuddly, and cool.

6. Wilbur: The brave little pig from Charlotte's Web just has to make the list! He gives everyone hope, makes the unlikeliest of friends, and really proves himself to be "Some Pig!"

5. Pegasus: Without Pegasus, Hercules would be in major, major trouble! And don't act like you wouldn't be begging your parents for a pet flying horse if they actually existed BECAUSE YOU TOTALLY WOULD.

4. Hedwig: Hedwig is downright incredible. You can't help but want to hug her snowy white-ness! Plus, whenever Harry is in trouble, she's there for him and ready to help! And if you didn't cry when she died, you're heartless.

3. Chewie: He may not say much (articulately, anyway), but Chewbacca the Wookie is essential to Star Wars. Han Solo would be nowhere without his sweet, fluffy companion who's always there at the right time. Plus, the dude's basically a prince.

2. Mr. Popper's Penguins: Having penguins as pets would be the best thing ever! They made Mr. Popper famous, and they're just plain fun.

1. Prince Charming's Stallion: Okay, you saw this coming, didn't you? When does Prince Charming ever lose? NEVER! Prince Charming would be nothing without his gallant steed. The horse had to drag Prince Charming and all his armor across desserts, swamps, through thunderstorms, and who know what else. He even has to stand in front of a fire-breathing witch-dragon! Who does that? Only the best pet ever, Prince Charming's darling steed!

Who's your favorite animal in fiction?

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