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Our Favorite Animal Sports Mascots

Our Favorite Animal Sports Mascots

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Temple Owl – We love that a school went with a wise bird that hoots and paralyzes its prey with one eardrum-shattering shriek in the dead of night.

Arkansas Razorback – Beware of the razorback! It is a wild boar that will destroy your property for no reason! (Eh, guess they sound cooler when you don't explain what they do.)

Richmond Spider – Normally, we wouldn’t think of an insect we easily crush with our sneaker would make for a good mascot, but we realized that spiders can trap their enemies in their own house, wrap it up in their own body fluids, and suck the blood out of them. Soooo…go Spiders!

Southern Illinois Saluki – A saluki is a royal dog that descended from Egypt and is excellent domestic pets. If you're looking to beat another team at playing fetch or playing dead, these are your animals. It is also extraordinarily fun to say "saluki" when you burp. We highly recommend trying it.

Bucknell Bison – Ah yes, the bison. Known for standing still for long hours at a time, then rolling around in the mud. Um, that's pretty much it. Oh, they also have extremely unpredictable behavior and will attack something for no reason. So, yeah.

UC Irvine Anteater – We love anteaters! Any animal with a snout the size of a telescope that eats ants is A-OK with us. They also have a sense of hearing so powerful they can hear you whispering about it behind its back from miles away, so shhhh…leave the anteaters alone.

Minnesota Golden Gopher – The Minnesota mascot kinda reminds us of Sugar Bear, the mascot for Super Golden Crisp. Even though he's a bear he kinda looks like a gopher and that's close enough for us. Sing along: "Can't get enough of Golden Gopher Bear…"

Delaware Fighting Blue Hen – We love the idea of a hen fighting, but a blue hen, too? We are sold! Fight on, Blue Hens, and take control of the Abnormally Colored Bird Universe that we are all happy to be a part of!

Boston U Terrier – We suppose it makes sense for Boston University to name their mascot the terrier. The breed is named after the city, after all. Plus, have you seen how adorable these pooches are? If we were playing against the terriers, we'd rather snuggle up on the couch than win the game.

Fairfield Stag – Stags are adult male deer with antlers big enough to hang your entire wardrobe. Although we wouldn’t attempt to hang clothes on 'em. Stags are likely to charge at each other during mating season, ramming their heads in an effort to attract females. Now THAT'S an impressive way to reveal a crush.

Maryland Terrapin – A terrapin is a turtle. Y'know how turtles are so good at battling and holding it down? We don't, either. But hey, they're so frikkin' cute!

Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos – The idea that a kangaroo can be a sports mascot makes us happily hop along our way.  Why is it in Kansas City, though?

Campbell Fighting Camel – A camel that fights?! Now we've heard everything. The next time a school is naming a new mascot they should go with The Laser-Shooting-Eye Llamas.

St. Peter's Peacock – We're not really sure why a school would name their mascot after a bird known for spreading it's colorful feathers. It's not even a fashion institute.  Oh well. Go Peacocks!

Wisconsin Badger – OK. We're gonna say this once, and only once: Do. Not. Mess. With. Badgers. They live underground, they only come out at night, and they are such scrappy fighters that coyotes will team up with them out of fear of being eaten by them.

What's your favorite animal sports mascot?

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