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Josh Hutcherson, Ryan Gosling, and Beyonce Bust a Move: Videos of Your Fave Celebs Breakin' it DOWN

Josh Hutcherson, Ryan Gosling, and Beyonce Bust a Move: Videos of Your Fave Celebs Breakin' it DOWN


I didn't want to start this post like this, but I'm gonna. Stars! They're just like us! Dropping it like it's hot whilst boarding a private jets, on basketball courts, poolside at a mansion, on TV, off TV, in a house, with a mouse, here, there & everywhere.

You know how we all do those things? Yeah. Here's a list so you can see just how similar you are to the stars you love.

Josh Hutcherson … and Jennifer? Lawrence? (I HOPE!)

Josh Hutcherson, could you be any cuter? Seriously. Also, I'm not gonna look super hard at his partner. Because if I don't look super-hard, I can convince myself that it's Jennifer Lawrence. Is it Jennifer Lawrence? I don't know. But I so very badly want her to be in basketball shorts, dancing to It Takes Two Jock Jams-style with Josh Hutcherson. I think it's definitely her. It's her.

Kate Upton being Kate Upton.
All right, Kate Upton, OK. You're gorgeous.
And you like basketball.
And your friends are models. Also, you are a model.
And you're whimsical and can look cute dancing in a bleacher seat.
And you probably got that outfit for free from, like, a totally important designer.
We. get it. OMG enough with all the hotness already! Ugh, fine we can't be mad at you. You're adorable. If I attempted the Cat Daddy, it would look like I was getting electrocuted. So... gotta hand it to her. Girl's good. Side note: Bleacher Report? Is it absolutely necessary to slo-mo Kate Upton? Is it? Really? (It's not.)

Get pumped up with Taylor Swift.
Even T-Bone has to get hyped up before she makes it rain pop-country glitter all over her fans. Is this from the Ellen show? Ok, confirmed it's from Ellen. Ellen is the root of all dancing. I love it.

Beyonce wins at life.
So many emotions, I think I need to have a catharsis and I'm gonna list it.

1. I love how Bey can make things that would normally fill me with little rage bubbles completely OK. Oh, you're going to casually dance out of your gas-guzzling SUV into a environment-destroying private plane? Meanwhile, outside Narnia, I lose 10 lbs. in sweat every day because our ozone layer is a doily? Wait! I do that wave-hand-in-front-of-face dance! I DO IT, TOO! We're the same after all!

2. She is dancing and singing to her husband's song which is amazing because you know she could've sang that part just as well as Alicia Keys but, you know, no hard feelings.

3. She's carrying her shoes. Why? Because she's tired. She's a human being.

4. All right, I don't care about these people. Put Beyonce back on.

5. She's not dancing anymore. She's riding a roller coaster? On the Great Wall of China? I think this excursion only exists because she's Beyonce.

6. She adorably falls onto a boat. I think we're done here.

Natalie Portman's not having it at Cannes.
I don't know why, but every time I watch this I just keep thinking to myself, "Natalie Portman is not amused." This French dude seems to think she is. Everyone looks like they're on board. But she looks unimpressed by the silly dancing. Oh wait … phew! She smiles at the end. Also: love that dress.

Let's creep on Emma Watson at the MTV Movie Awards for a sec.
It's kind of insane of me that I picked her out, like, right away. There's a million people on-screen. That this video even exists feels feels sliiiiightly insane in a mildly creepy, "I wanna knit your hair into a sweater" kind of way, not gonna lie. It's just two minutes of our gal enjoying a performance when she thinks she's not being watched. Why does this exist?! Do we care?

Justin & JC, just two guys with big dreams.
Worst quality ever! For all we know, this vid is actually just two regular guys who happen to be named Justin and JC, who aren't international superstars but really work at a rib shack in North Carolina, just having a casual dance-off.

No, I think it's the real deal. The Internet wouldn't lie to us, would it!? Whatever, these guys are just too good. They're too … (I'm doing it) … in SYNC. Now I hate myself.

Ryan Gosling when he was just a gosling.
Nope, sorry. Nothing will make me stop loving Ryan Gosling. Not the pants, not the dancing he does whilst wearing the pants, not the Michael Bolton, nothing—because at 1:10, he encourages the crowd to clap for his sister. Ryan Gosling, even at 10, you were a gentleman and a scholar. I second the uncharacteristically literate YouTube commenter who says, "Swag then, swag now."

Sidenote: if any of my old talent show videos ever hit the Interwebs—I. would. die. DIE. (keep my secrets, Internet Leprechauns).

Joe Jonas in a unitard!
First of all, I'd just like it to be known that at the time of this writing, I'm sitting in a Panera Bread watching Joe Jonas do the Single Ladies dance. Other people are watching me watch Joe Jonas do the Single Ladies dance. Joe Jonas: the LEAST you could have done is memorized the words.
On a similar note, I'm not an expert … but I don't think the choreography's quite accurate. But what do I know? Again, I'm sitting in a Panera Bread watching Joe Jonas do the Single Ladies dance. In Bey we trust. And by "we" I mean, me and the Jonas Bros, clearly.

Katy Perry's friends are having more fun than you are.
THEM: Look at us! We're all good friends, just hanging out at this mansion, swimming in this pool, wearing tank tops. Being so casual.

EVERYONE WATCHING THIS YOUTUBE VID: Who are these people? Wait, whaaaat?! Katy Perry's there! Then there's a bunch of other people! Then Katy comes back!

The lesson: If you have a famous friend, trust that no one cares about you. I don't mean to be harsh … but actually, nope! I'm wrong! 2:23. I care about that guy like a lot. He knows how to make an entrance. I stand corrected.

(But can we go back to Ryan Gosling for second? That videographer was awfully locked in on Ryan the entire time. It's as if he/she knew Ryan would be famous or something. I just freaked myself out.)

Tom Cruise does the air motorcycle.
This is … nice.

Everyone dances for Ellen.
I told you, Ellen is the boss of all dancing. Respect her power.

Which vid is your favorite? Which celeb would you LOVE to see breaking' it down?

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