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Is the Hunger Games Better Than Harry Potter???

Is the Hunger Games Better Than Harry Potter???


We're not sure, but book sales seem to indicate the answer to that question is yes. The Hunger Games series has officially outsold the Harry Potter series on Amazon (both print and e-books). And if it's outselling HP on Amazon, you know it's probably doing it everywhere else, too.The striking thing here (which one of Amazon's editors pointed out) is that the Hunger Games series has fewer than half as many books as the HP series, and it outsold Harry Potter in four years. And while we're proud of Katniss for beating our favorite wizard, we're also a little bit sad. No matter what, Harry will always come first in our hearts. His story is longer, funnier (in our opinion), and there are WIZARDS. Sorry, Katniss, but no amount of arrow shooting will take that away from us.

What do you think, guys? Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

[Via Jezebel]

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