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INCONCEIVABLE! (A Super-Late Writer Wars Post)

INCONCEIVABLE! (A Super-Late Writer Wars Post)

The benefits of today's title are two-fold: First, it aptly describes your most recent submissions, as you covered all manner of unbelievable/absurd/ludicrous phenomenons in your stories; and second, it allows me to distract you from my woeful tardiness by POSTING THIS HILARIOUS CLIP FROM THE PRINCESS BRIDE WHOA HOW COOL!!!!

See, you've already completely forgotten that I'm 2 weeks late in publishing this post because you're intently focused on muttering "inconceivable" to yourself every time anyone says anything! But enough with my irrelevant tangents; let's get down to business! Ya'll came up with some wonderfully weird stories last week and it was hard to pick a favorite, but pick I did. Today's winners shall each receive a lifetime supply of peanut M&Ms, a signed photograph of yours truly, and a hearty secret handshake that involves several very complicated dance moves.

Sparklers' Choice (with 16 votes): TheSmilingFrown! A huge congrats for winning top honors with your VERY FIRST ENTRY!

Nobody believes me. I know they don’t. Somewhere in the back of their mind, their doubt is overwhelming. I told them the truth, but they don’t believe me. They never do. I know. I sift through their thoughts, their memories like sand slipping through my fingers.

I could ruin them. Their secrets hung out to dry like laundry flapping in the wind. I can almost smell their demise. I could tell secrets that no one ever knew about. Did you know... I could whisper. But I won’t. Fate doesn’t always play out that way.

I keep my secrets and everyone else’s too. With great power comes great responsibility. I do not change the future.

They avoid me in the hallways. Their minds shout out obscenities about the girl in the corner of the hallway. She is crazy, they say. In the epicenter of teenage interaction, school, words fly through my brain. She’s cheating… She’s posing for pictures… She’s drunk. It almost makes me sick to my stomach. They waste their lives. To know what is going to happen before it happens, it my greatest curse. I see everything. Nobody can hide.

I know that the skinny girl with the dead eyes is starving. I know that the tall boy with the smile kicks his girlfriends until they bleed. I know that the skinny boy with large glasses wears long sleeves to hide angry red marks. I know that the beautiful girl with glasses is in love. Forever.

It kills me to know how some people get a loaded deck. To know you are beautiful and loved. To know that love is forever. You foolish romantics with your rose-tinted glasses come look at me. Try to make sense in your delusional world. Because I can not.

Dead by age 14. Ran over by two drunk teenagers two weeks from now. Forgotten two years after. So it goes.

Dagger's Choice: Atlas96! (But i_think_in_ink and bluebonnet98 were  very close seconds!) I was bowled over by the daring style (repetition is difficult to pull off) and haunting implications of this story:

One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. The sound is everywhere. They think I'm crazy. They know I'm crazy. But I've seen it. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. Once I was like them. I didn't believe it. I thought I knew better. But I laugh now. One. Two. Three. Four. I've seen the Light. One. Two. Three. Four. I saw it and it took me and it has me. I am the Light. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. I followed the path out on the plain. I watched. I watched. I watched and I didn't heed the warnings even when they surrounded me. One. Two. Three. Four. One Two. Three. Four. Imagine! I saw it. I SAW it. It was there. I felt it cover me and control me with that pulse. That pulse. THAT PULSE. One! Two! Three! Four! They thought I was crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I have seen the light. I am the light. I have found the light and the light was me. The light controlled me. The light was inside of me. That light. Brighter than the noon sun. Brighter than anything. And the pulse. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. They'll think you're crazy when you find the light, too. But you'll know better. You'll know that the light controls you. That the light is you. And you will find that pulse too. The pulse. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. I'm not crazy. I've just found the light. The light and the pulse. And they WERE ME. One. Two. Three. Four. One! Two! Three! Four! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Dagger's Runners-Up:


































Fantastic work, all of you! Now for this week's prompt: Write a short story (ABSOLUTE MAX is 600 words) about what your life would be like if a character from one of your favorite fictional works (a book, movie, or TV show) moved in with your family. (If you're in college, you can write about what it'd be like if they moved into your dorm and/or became your roomie!)

I have a feeling these are going to get prettttty ridiculous...and I CAN'T WAIT.

Dagger note: If you have a few GREAT ideas for a certain prompt, feel free to enter more than one story—but remember that we're aiming for QUALITY over quantity— it's better to post one awesome story than 3 mediocre ones.

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