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12 Things That Are True

12 Things That Are True

By Jon_Skindzier

Sometimes we tell you "true things" that turn out not to be true, leaving you scratching your heads and saying "Wait a minute, Friedrich Nietzsche didn't invent the moustache!" until you realize that the post was published on April 1st, and you're like, "Ohhhh." Well, this is not one of those cases. These are true things that are actually true, despite the fact that they are difficult to believe or merely hilarious. Enjoy.

  • In a chain of islands in New Guinea, the populace uses yams as currency.
  • On the Micronesian island of Yap, the traditional currency was giant rocks that weighed up to four metric tons.
  • Rats were a delicacy and a commodity on Easter Island until everybody died of there being too many rats.
  • A group of owls is called "a parliament of owls."
  • Armadillos can give you leprosy.
  • Lord Byron was allegedly told that he wasn't allowed to keep a dog with him at Trinity College, so he brought a bear to school instead. When asked what the heck a bear was doing there, Byron said it might as well sit for a fellowship. The bear's name was Bruin.
  • Virtually nobody outside of America calls American cheese "American cheese." In fact, very few people in America call it "American cheese," because if you look at the packaging, you'll note they have to call it "cheese food" or "processed cheese product" or something similar. In Canada, they used to call it Canadian Cheese.
  • Canadian bacon is only called Canadian bacon in America. (It is also sometimes called Irish bacon.)
  • B.F. Skinner worked on a military project to develop pigeon-powered bombs. He called his project Project Pigeon.
  • Hermann Rorschach's childhood nickname was "inkblot."
  • In honor of John Steinbeck's literary achievements, somebody named a sea slug after him.
  • The inventor of Scrabble was named Butts.
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