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What's Your Fantasy Name?

What's Your Fantasy Name?

It’s time to play another round of the name game! Except, unlike sydney8771, I don't have the patience or the required inherent knowledge to use actual names. So, in order to jump on the name-obsessed bandwagon without having to do the dreaded Google [insert country name here] Names research, why don’t we try to find out your fantasy land name? Little known fact: playing this name game will give you +5 on your Luck and +4 in Charisma.

First Name: Choose the name pertaining to the last class of your school day.

Psychology: Americk / Benilda

PE: Llywelyn / Kesi

English: Cutler / Daralis

Spanish: Olvidio / Perfecta

Band: Freeland / Gita

Latin: Maximilian / Novia

Math: Isa / Jaspreet

Biology: Quillan / Rhea

Chemistry: Windsor / Xanthe

Art: Trowbridge / Snowdrop

Other: Yorick / Zora

I look down upon such frivolous things as scheduled education: Ulysses / Violet

Title: Choose the name pertaining to your favorite body/form of water.

River: the stoic

Ocean: the resilient

Lake: the boisterous

Pond: the sanguine

Stream: the melodious

Pool: the radiant

Ice rink: the vigorous

Waterfall: the brilliant

Hot spring: the benevolent

Dihydrogen monoxide: the incisive

I’m allergic to water: the ethereal

Species: Pick the name pertaining to your favorite headwear.

Baseball caps: Pixie

Sombreros: Elf

Aviator hats: Faerie

Berets: Siren

Top hats: Brownie

Bowler caps: Giant

Fedoras: Mermaid/man

Deerstalkers (aka the Sherlock Holmes hat): Hobbit

Straw hats: Centaur

Dunce caps: Goblin

Hats are so 2001. Plus, they mess up my hair: Ogre

What's your fantasy name?

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