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Hunger Games: Why Gale is Better than Peeta

Hunger Games: Why Gale is Better than Peeta

I know that many of you clicked on this article, enraged, ready to start screaming that no one will ever be better than Peeta. I'll admit, I used to be a die-hard Peeta fan after reading the Hunger Games for the first time. Even after I read the rest of the trilogy, I thought he was perfect. However, the more times I read the first book, the more I began to loathe him. After watching the movie, I was undecided. After watching it a second time, I realized that Gale should have been the one for Katniss. (For the sake of brevity, I'm focusing on the movie/the first book, not the whole trilogy.) So before you jump into a Boy-with-the-Bread-defending rage, hear me out:

1. He has had a crush on Katniss since they were little kids, but doesn’t tell her until he is supposed to KILL her? That is just not cool, man.

2. His move with the bread. I mean, giving Katniss burnt bread was nice and all, but he should have talked to her that day. If he really loved her, he would have at least handed her the bread instead of tossing it into the mud like he did for his pigs.

3. In the Games, it was all Katniss. Peeta may have had some good ideas, but it’s hardly like they overcame the obstacles of the games and pushed through it together. Who came and found him when he was hurt? Who fed him and hunted  for their food? Who went and got him medicine? Who came up with the idea that saved both of their butts? Hint: It wasn’t Peeta.

4. It just annoys me how simpleminded he can be. His ignorance is so great that he helpfully killed a tribute with it! Remember how Foxface died?

5. Sure, he’s strong, but he seems kind of wimpish. He thinks he can just sit there and sweep Katniss off her feet while doing almost nothing? Seriously, why does giving her one burnt loaf of bread automatically make her love him? And the time he saved her from the tracker jackers? She wouldn’t have needed rescuing if he didn’t come up with the idea to wait for her under the tree.

6. He bakes bread. And decorates cakes. What is so great about this? I just don’t understand.

And now, seven reasons while Gale is a pretty good guy.

1. He hinted that he liked Katniss when he toyed with the idea of them running away together. He didn’t play with her feelings like Peeta did by confessing his feelings before they were thrown into an arena and expected to kill each other.

2. He was always there for Katniss. They talked about their feelings and supported each other. He seems like a pretty genuine guy, am I right?

3. When Katniss and Gale hunt together, it’s a shared effort. They work well together and split up their food however it needs to be split.

4. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Prim won’t let go of Katniss and Gale comes to the rescue. He was probably feeling all ripped up inside at that moment, but he stayed strong and did what he had to do for Katniss. Also, he comes to visit Katniss before she's taken to the Capitol and promises to feed her mother and sister.

5. Gale was forced to watch Katniss confess her love for Peeta on TV. He watched them share many a kiss, and he was even willing to pretend he was Katniss’ cousin to protect her. When she gets home and waits for Gale in the woods to hunt like they used to, he still shows up! And he kisses her! He shows that he still loves her with a kiss, and says he “…had to do that. Just once.” He understands. How sweet is that?

6. He hunts and works hard to make sure his family survives. I admire him for that. He was still a kid, and he gave up the remainder of his childhood to care for his family. Not to mention, he somehow goes to work in the coal mine where his father was killed so he can make money for his family. If that’s not the most courageous, admirable thing ever, I don’t know what is.

7. Liam Hemsworth. ‘Nuff said.

Do you agree? Is Gale better than Peeta?

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