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Faye's Guide for Not Being Naked in College

Faye's Guide for Not Being Naked in College

And the second place winner, first place loser award goes to Sparkler Gurgle-gurgle for her comment/question, “Dressing in college. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS! HOW DO YOU DO THIS?! (...I've had a uniform all my life...).”

Gurgle-gurgle, your caps-locked prayers have been answered. Here’s “Faye’s Tips on Not Being Naked in College!”

Jeans are a college must! 4 pairs is the bare minimum, since you can wear them twice before they need a wash. Make sure you really love the jeans you buy because you’ll be wearing them every day for the rest of forever.

Practical > Pretty: When it comes to footwear, go with the sensible shoes. Your Ugg boots are super-duper cute but one surprise rainstorm between classes will leave you barefoot for the rest of the semester. So when it comes to snow boots, rain boots, and sneakers, buy what’s going to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

Have a signature item: You want something that people will remember you by, but in a good way. Maybe it’s your ruby red Converse sneakers, robot earrings, bright green jacket, or sparkly nail polish. It has to be something you wear enough that people associate it with you. For me, it was my blue scarf that I wore whenever it was really cold. Having a signature item can go horribly wrong if you take it too far, thougH; cat ears, rainbow knee-highs, a top hat, and anything Lady Gaga might wear have all crossed the line between cute and crazy.

Keep in mind that you’re washing clothes once a week: If you wear a white cami under everything, then you’ll need a bunch of white camis. Your mom won’t be washing the same one everyday like she did back home. Sad but true.

Stay classy: Have a few nice outfits ready, because you’re going to need them. I like having a few day/sundresses and a couple "night OUT" dresses so I’m ready for anything, but if dresses aren’t your thing, dress pants and a nice shirt will do.

Get ready to party: No college wardrobe is complete without a sexy black dress and killer heels. Hey, I didn’t say ALL your shoes had to be practical.

Work it: If you’re planning on working out in college, then you’re going to need some workout clothes. Even if you don’t plan on working out, you can wear the workout clothes around campus and people will assume that you’re really into fitness.

Brace yourselves, winter is coming: It may not seem like it right now, but it is going to get cold. Like really cold. Like, you’re never going to want to leave the warm safety of your dorm room cold. So double up on socks, wear leggings under your jeans, throw about 5 layers of shirts on, and find some gloves and a hat to keep from freezing to death. Actually, you might want to double up on gloves, too.

Know when wearing sweatpants is acceptable: It is perfectly fine to wear sweatpants around the dorm or to late night library study sessions. I’ll even allow for one or two days a semester when you oversleep your alarm or just can’t bring yourself to put on actual pants when you can wear your sweatpants to class. More than that and we’ll have to have a sweatpants intervention. And no one wants that.

Know that wearing pajamas in public is never acceptable: If it’s after 9 PM and you’re in your dorm having movie night in the lounge, it’s ok. But pajamas are not a substitute for pants. Wearing them to class just screams “I’ve given up and also I probably didn’t brush my teeth this morning.”

You can never have enough socks and underwear: You know when you were little and you hated getting socks and underwear for Christmas? Yeah, not so much anymore. I seriously ASKED for socks last Christmas.

Are you ready for it, Sparklers? Next post is “Faye’s summer recap!” The thrills, the excitement, the 118 days of “Can I go back to college, yet?” Oh yeah.

College Sparklers, do you have any more tips for how to dress on campus?

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