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20 Weird Animal Habits

20 Weird Animal Habits

The Wandering Glider dragonfly is known for its two sets of wings that allow it to glide through the air. However, it is not known that when no one is looking the dragonfly sneaks a few bites of bacon, which it has stashed in its second set of wings.

The New Zealand spiny lobster will sing a version of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid if you ask it nicely.

Hippopotamuses do their taxes in the dark and are more likely to use pen and paper instead of filing online.

Polar bears in Antarctica still think armpit farts are funny. (And they are correct.)

Snails are actually really, really fast. They're just apathetic.

The Sri Lankan leopard will brush its teeth 3 times a day, but hates showering.

Toucans are the only bird in the animal kingdom to express their distaste for Froot Loops, which makes it ironic that the cereals mascot is a toucan.

Bats are not real. They are birds in disguise and only come out at night 'cuz all the other birds would make fun of them during the day.

Cobras say hello by biting you. It's not their fault their teeth have poison in them. Please forgive the cobras.

A three-toed sloth loves juggling Rubik's cubes.

Tibetan yaks will happily form a cheerleading pyramid, but only if their herder promises to take a picture.

Grasshoppers cheat in basketball games by never staying on the ground, thus upsetting the rest of the league of insects who play against them.

The common house gecko is addicted to Words with Friends and has beaten opponents based on its knowledge of words like "zas" and "qis."

It is widely believed that sheep count humans when they are trying to fall asleep.

Peacocks shows their feathers to attract potential mates. They also do it when they wanna pick their nose in public, but don’t want anyone to see.

The Costa Rican tarantula likes to prank Costa Ricans by hiding out in their popcorn at the movies.

Seahorses say the word "like" too much when speaking to adults and authority figures.

Raccoons often put honey on their pancakes instead of maple syrup.

Canadian moose are often quoting Rocky IV whenever they are asked a question that has nothing to do with the movie.

Gazelles like to use their horns for shish kebabs at barbecues, but only if there are other cute gazelles at the party.

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