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What's Your Croatian Name?

What's Your Croatian Name?

Apparently, Croatia is one of the world’s hidden wonders. It has Roman amphitheatres and seaside villages reminiscent of the Greek islands. (Hmm… maybe I should write for travel magazines…) Croatia is also considered the origin of the Dalmatians. And the people there are called Croats. Yep, that’s about all I could find about Croatia that was interesting. So, go on! Find your Croatian name so you can be a Croat with a Dalmatian living in a castle!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the last person you talked to.

Mom: Luka/Antonela

Dad: Ivan/Korina

Sibling: Karlo/Iris

Teacher: Leon/Franka

Friend: Matej/Jelena

Best Friend: Roko/Lucia

Frenemy: Dominik/Marina

Acquaintance: Ante/Una

Stranger: Lovro/Tonka

Pet: Patrik/Veronika

Imaginary Friend: Niko/Zara

Grandparent: Vito/Tamara

Cousin: Emanuel/Gita

Someone on the Interwebz: Duje/Stela

“I am a hermit, and I do not speak to other people.”: Borna/Luna

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite movie genre.

Action/Adventure: Tomislav/Tea

Thriller: Matko/Ivana

Horror: Dorian/Lorena

Comedy: Zvonimir/Klara

Children/Animation: Toma/Nikolina

Sci-Fi: Dino/Magdalena

War: Tin/Petra

Musical: Sven/Tia

Drama: Rafael/Lana

Romance: Stipe/Jana

Bio/Documentary: Simun/Dorotea

Noir: Mislav/Anja

Sport: Antun/Paola

Western: Bartol/Katarina

“I can’t decide!”: Vedran/Matea

“I hate movies.”: What is wrong with you! Just... just go away. (You don’t get a middle name; skip to last names.)

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds with the month your mum was born.

January: Babic

February: Kovacevic

March: Tomic

April: Blazevic

May: Kovacic

June: Petrovic

July: Markovic

August: Bozic

September: Juric

October: Matic

November: Novak

December: Pavic

What's your Croatian name?

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