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What You'll Learn When You Visit a College Dorm

What You'll Learn When You Visit a College Dorm

I’m old, fellow Sparklers. I’m a senior in high school, I’m filling out papers about what diseases I’m vaccinated against, and I’m twelve years older than my youngest siblings, so they’re probably going to forget they have a sister for large stretches of time. Oh, the humanity!

But the one good thing about being old is that you get to prepare to be young again by visiting colleges—where you will probably be mercilessly criticized for the very youth you felt you had lost and learn a lesson about something and stuff along the way. Life is a dramatic coming of age story, after all.

In my preparations, I decided to spend one of my nights over summer break in a dorm at one of my hope-they-don’t-think-I’m-dumb-because-I’m-applying-here colleges. Luckily for me, one of my college-aged friends was interning there over the summer, so I stayed with her and not some random, potentially psychotic college sophomore with a fondness for WWII paraphernalia.

And I learned things, dear Sparklers, things that I hope will help you as you embark on your journey to college-freshman-dom. Here they are:

College town restaurants are the bee’s knees. This is self-explanatory. Nothing—and I mean nothing—will make you feel more like a super hip college student than going to go eat at a local restaurant with a silly name, loud music, Christmas lights, and bottles of root beer that trick people into thinking you’re old enough to drink something alcoholic. It’s totally worth the absurd prices they charge for things.

Yes, you probably DO look old enough to be in college by now. The people in my friend’s dorm kitchen were under the impression that I was a freshman, soon-to-be-sophomore doing a summer internship or work-study. They were under that impression because I told them I was (because of peer pressure and stuff), so now they’re probably plotting their revenge against me for duping their caffeine-deprived brains. Point is, don't waste time worrying that you look like a lowly high school student. You probably have maturity leaking out your ears.

Get a bike, oh merciful Heaven, make sure to get a bike! Is it just me, or are college campuses frickin’ huge? Chalk it up to them putting interns in dorms located in places that not even your GPS can find, but it felt like it took forever to walk anywhere. Bring a bike, people! Or, if you’re like me, and your exercise is limited to yoga and power walking, find out soon if you still remember how to ride a bike, and then go get one.

A bathrobe; you need one. You think you know what panic is like, Sparkers, but you don’t know. You don’t know what panic is until you get to a communal co-ed dorm bathroom and realize that bathrobes are vitally important. It’s way too difficult to change back into your pajamas while inside the 5x5 shower because you’re afraid of someone walking in and seeing your unmentionables. SO BRING A BATHROBE.

College is awesome. It totally will be.

Post by Nicole_Lyn!

Have you slept over at a dorm to prep for your freshman year at college? What'd you learn?

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