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Metalhead Gets a Gig! (And Goes Back to School)

Metalhead Gets a Gig! (And Goes Back to School)

Metalhead here! Haven't written anything about NBK in quite some time, have I? Well, it's good to be back. First of all, school starts in two weeks down here, and I'm both worried and excited. Worried because of homework (I have to take Calculus...again), but excited because I got into Drama III. Which Natasha (the girl I have a crush on) also happens to be in. But sadly, I haven't had the chance to talk to her all summer. Which is all the more reason to be excited for school!Speaking of Drama, we've found out what our fall play is going to beit's the very confusing, but very funny Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. With a cast like ours, we could probably make this extremely awesome. (I know a few people who would be perfect for Rosencrantz.) That plus Improv plus Film Club should take care of all my extracurricular needs.

Alsooooo, A.I.R. has some big newsI've sort of got a gig, at long last! My church is doing an event for the beginning of the school year, and I get to play for the first thirty minutes. And all my songs are either brand new or popular covers. (I'm even gonna do "Anna Sun" by Walk The Moon for all you indie rock fans!) I promise to get video of me, my guitar, and my incredibly white-boy rockstar moves and post it online for all to ridicule. (Plus I'm working on getting my second album together...more on that when I actually get it finished. I do have some new songs up at my Soundcloud if you wanna check them out.)

In these two weeks before school starts, I plan on squeezing as much fun and enjoyment out of life as I possibly can. I'm going to go do some push-ups and eat some ice cream and then go to the park. I'll keep you posted when school starts, 'kay? Rock on!

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Are you as excited for school to start as Metalhead is? Do you plan on retaining your NBK title this year, or are you dying for your first kiss?

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