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What Your First-Day-of-School Outfit Says About You

What Your First-Day-of-School Outfit Says About You

As you begin planning your back to school outfit, remember: people are what they wear. No, this doesn’t make them literal t-shirts or jeggings, but you can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to put on their bodies, especially on the first day of school. You really do express yourself with clothing, and people hear you loud and clear at the beginning of the year. What kind of impression are you going to leave on your fellow students this year? Check out somes below and see!

Pencil skirt and blouse thingy. Surely, you are going for the future high-powered exec look, so you should probably glue a Blackberry to the side of your head to look super authentic. Just kidding! The teachers are seriously sure to be impressed by this very Banana Republic-ish ensemble, but the kids will be able to spy a suck-up from miles away. Save those fancy outfits for the day you have a championship debate for your speech club, or some other boss event that warrants business casual.

Vintage skirt made from recycled ties. This is an unexpected look for the first day, so you will stand out in a crowd of cookie cutter girls. You’re a true individual and a free spirit who is not scared to march to the beat of your own Ashiko. If you happen to find another chica wearing a similar skirt, it’s so clearly obvious that you are destined to be best friends for ever, and she will be your future maid of honor at your very Etsy, do-it-yourself type wedding. You will soon get similar haircuts with straight-across bangs and begin wearing your old barrettes from pre-school. Only a certain type of eclectic girl can pull off this kind of crap without looking like an idiot, and you happen to be one of those lucky people.

Slinky shirt with shoulder cutouts. This style is so on-trend without being overdone by a mass number of teen magazine readers. These shirts say, yes, I am cool, without sounding too braggy. You’re a well-rounded individual who is popular without being all Regina George mean girl. You will probably have a date to homecoming if you keep showing off those toned arms.

All black. Are you scared of colors or are you just gothic? We’re joking, but are you the type of person who always eats the same thing for lunch? Or watches the same movies over and over because you just love them? We know you like the familiar, but you need to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new. Colors have been so big this year, and we know you’d look great in a bright red or a cool blue. When you try new things with your look, people notice!

An Old Navy tech vest. Sorry, we can’t even comment on this, other than to say that it is in no way acceptable.

What are you wearing to school and what do you hope this says to others about you and your personality?

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