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20 Things Freshmen Are Scared of

20 Things Freshmen Are Scared of

It’s not your typical scene out of a horror movie—there are no sharp knives, no heads spinning 360 degrees, and no pretty girls begging for mercy. It’s the first day of high school. But for some freshmen, that's far more terrifying than any movie. What exactly are freshmen afraid of? Try everything—but we’ve come up with a list of 20 scenarios that scare the pants off just about every high school newbie.

  1. Falling asleep during a movie in class, only to be awoken by the sound of your own fart.
  2. Doing so poorly in AP Math that the teacher in charge of Mathletes rescinds her earlier invitation for you to be a key power player this semester.
  3. Doing so well in AP Math that seniors "befriend" you and trick you into letting them copy your homework.
  4. Having someone come up with a not-so-nice nickname for you, especially one that stems from a part of your body your bully has deemed “abnormally large”—even if that’s not really the case (i.e. Big Assple, Nacho Nostrils, or plain old Dumbo).
  5. "Getting excited” in the locker room before gym class and having someone notice.
  6. Everyone noticing your dandruff flakes. Note to self: stop eating them, and pick up some Head & Shoulders before school starts.
  7. Getting locked in your locker.
  8. People forgetting your name, even if they have been sitting next to you for weeks.
  9. People recognizing your name and figuring out that yes, your mom is the anatomy teacher, and yes, she’s the one who makes her students use Play-Doh to create a “sculpture” of those special lady parts.
  10. Inadvertently digesting a raw chicken nugget at lunch that results in a noisy bathroom incident that your chemistry class can actually hear taking place through the walls.
  11. Falling victim to the pranks of the obnoxious group of seniors that always sit together at lunch. You know you will be the one screaming when you reach to get your change out of the vending machine, only to feel a slimy mystery substance on your fingertips.
  12. Not making the JV basketball team after playing in the feeder league for the whole summer.
  13. Making the JV basketball team, only to incur a freak injury that breaks your nose and makes you look like your uglier twin sister.
  14. Forgetting your secret poetry journal in a classroom, where it's found by the loudest, most obnoxious sophomore.
  15. Someone finally creating a Facebook app that allows users to see when and how many times certain people look at their profiles, followed by a mass de-friending as a result of your now-public creeping.
  16. People noticing that you didn’t shower one morning.
  17. People noticing that you never shower.
  18. Not getting a date to homecoming. Or, having your homecoming date so repulsed by you that he throws up a little while you are slow dancing.
  19. Carrying a non-disposable lunch bag. (Do people do that anymore?) On top of that, worrying that your backpack screams "I'm a 7th grader!"
  20. Not fitting in with the other band kids. Let’s face it, if they don’t invite you to sit at their lunch table, you’re going to be stuck with the kids who eat their dandruff.

What things are you scared of happening to you in high school? What do we need to add to this list? Are you scared of these same things happening to you as a freshmen in college, or does that open a whole other wave of potential atrocities? We want to know!

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