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Catching Fire Casting News: Meet Cashmere, Gloss, and More!

Catching Fire Casting News: Meet Cashmere, Gloss, and More!


SALUTATIONS, TRIBUTTS. I've got some spectacular Wednesday morning news for you: four more tributes have been cast in Lionsgate's Catching Fire! Stephanie Leigh Schlund will take on the role of Cashmere, the brutal and beautiful former winner from District 1, and Alan Ritchson will play her brother, the uber-geekily-named Gloss. Check out the genetically blessed siblings above and below:

The role of Brutus, another formidable former victor of the Games, went to Bruno Gunn, and his District 2 ally, Enoboria (the tribute who ripped out a competitor's throat with her teeth), will be played by Meta Golding.

Here's Bruno/Brutus:

And here's Meta/Enorobia:

The role of Romulus Thread (the District 12 Peacekeeper who flogs Gale and has Darius turned into an Avox) has reportedly also been filled: it's rumored that he'll be played Patrick St. Esprit. Yep, we hate him already.

Catch up with all the Catching Fire casting updates right here, and click here for a complete list of the cast so far!

What do you think of the recent castings? Is anybody working on a time machine so we can fast-foward to Catching Fire's release in November 2013?

Photos courtesy of Alan Ritchson via Twitter, Stephanie Leigh Schlund via Twitter, Bruno Gunn via Twitter, and Meta Golding via Facebook.

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