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New Music: Matthew Koma's Voice Is No LMFAO-ing Matter

Matthew Koma is kruisin'. Literally, when we called up the young singer/songwriter/soon-to-be-ubiquitous producer, he's driving through the San Fernando Valley toward L.A., where work awaits him on a new track he's co-producing for a certain viral popstar's hotly anticipated debut (hint: her name rhymes with "gnarly cray stepson.") Figuratively, though, the dude's totally hitting his stride.
Koma just got off a massively fluorescent world tour with equally unstoppable production buddies LMFAO, he recently rocked a remix of songwriting role model Bruce Springsteen's "Rocky Ground" from the new Wrecking Ball LP, and his seraph-silver pipes can be heard floating through the hook of Lil Playy's bedroom-friendly "Birthday Dress"  and competing with the ecstatic wubs of EDM wunderkind Zedd's "Spectrum" alike.
Following his Maroon-Fivey hook-storm EP, Parachute, Koma will put out his first solo album later this year. We decided to talk to him before he's too famous to gush about The Boss with us. Read on to find out what Matt has to say about working with the real LMFAO, his favorite guitar riff, and, as always, his geekiest habit.
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