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Breakfast Burrito of Champions

Breakfast Burrito of Champions

For all my talk of laziness, I’m actually a fairly active person. I ski and fence, willingly go to the gym, and often play soccer and volleyball with my friends. I like the feeling of being fit. When I was younger and skiing competitively, I would get up at 4:30 AM to make it to the ski bus stop with my little brother, both of us yawning and weighed down with at least sixty pounds of ski gear between us. On our way out the door, we picked up the greatest breakfast ever from my mom. The greatest breakfast ever consisted of hot chocolate, a banana, and a breakfast burrito. This burrito fuels you for hours and is heavy enough to keep you full, but still light enough that you won’t vom in the middle of what you’re doing. It’s portable, not very messy, and generally perfect for kick-starting a day of adventure and physical activity. Plus the burritos are easy to throw together at 4:30 AM when you’d rather be in bed.

Breakfast Burrito of Champions
(Serves 2)
2 flour tortillas
3 eggs
¼ cup cheese
2 cups pre-packaged frozen breakfast skillet
4 strips bacon
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp hot sauce

1. Lightly butter both sides of each tortilla. Heat on pan until soft and warm. Set aside.
2. Roughly chop bacon.
3. Fry frozen skillet vegetables and bacon in oil until cooked through. Set aside.
4. Scramble eggs until cooked halfway. Add skillet vegetables and stir gently to combine. Let cook thoroughly.
5. Assemble burritos by placing filling onto tortillas, and topping with cheese and hot sauce. Wrap burritos by folding top and bottom in and rolling tightly.
6. Wrap in foil and eat on the go.

Do you love breakfast burritos?!

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